Saturday, September 27, 2008

And the Winner Is...

My big take on the debate: Obama's hair was awesome and McCain's sucked. Ipso facto, McCain won. I mean, how can a president expect to get anything done if he has to spend all his time making his hair look better than his partisan counterpart? He can't! And you can bet your bottom dollar that Joe Sixpack, who is the ultimate arbiters of all elections, didn't miss a second of that. He never does. President McCain, here we come!

Update: Apparently, Chris Matthews is telling me it's all about the eye contact, so maybe I'm wrong about everything I wrote. I apologize.

RedState Speaks

Oh, and for your WTF??? moment of the evening, check out this odd post by RedState's Erick Erickson in his post What McCain Should Really Say:
The next time Obama goes off on a McCain = Bush tangent in a debate, McCain needs to say, "Senator Obama keeps trying to connect me to President Bush, despite my repeated disagreements with the administration. My friends, let me be clear, I can pronounce 'nuclear'."

That's right. Former Bush lackey Erick Erickson thinks that the best way for McCain to disconnect himself from Bush's horrid legacy is to insult him with a standard liberal taunt about his pronunciations. Right. Did Erick Erickson's cool younger brother hack into his RedState account or did McCain get his ass kicked so hard that this is the best comeback Erickson could think of? I'm honestly hoping Erickson was really drunk when he wrote that (peach wine coolers are a lot stronger than you might think), and that he'll regret this one in the morning.

A commenter on that post actually suggests that McCain should mention that he wanted to choke Bush in 2000 or to tell people "how much of a pain in the butt" McCain was to Bush. Seriously, wouldn't they have flipped out if any of us had written that on their blog a few years ago, and insisted that we deserve to be in Gitmo? Do these people have any sort of self awareness? And as a sign of how bad their situation is, it's quite obvious that they're trying to swap sides with us and pretend as if they're the ones who have been proven right over the past eight years. Simply pathetic.

For the record, the RedStaters seem to think that Obama completely lost the debate, though none of their opinions actually give any explanation as to what the hell they're talking about (big surprise!). As usual, conservatives are so convinced of their righteousness that they never bother explaining what the hell they're talking about. Even the fact that McCain wouldn't look at Obama is used as evidence of how well he did. As is the fact that Henry Kissinger is McCain's friend of thirty years. That's the kind of thing that used to disgrace people, but time heels all wounds, I guess.

I'll admit that I didn't watch the debates because Mrs. Biobrain wanted to watch Snakes on a Plane instead (seriously), but I read several liveblogs, and of the two sides, I'd have to say the liberal blogosphere sounded like the side that knew what the hell they were talking about. But I guess I would say that, wouldn't I? But only because I'm right.

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