Friday, October 03, 2008

Palin Won!! Palin Won!!

Well, the final verdict of tonight's VP debate has been formally issued by RedState, and I for one welcome our Republican overlords.

I guess it's not such a big deal if your candidate completely lacks substance if you don't have any of your own to speak of.

Oh, and it really is painful how stupid these people are:
Of course, Joe Biden referred to "Bosniacs" so the gaffes were not one-sided and for a Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to refer to "Bosniacs" . . . well, it's kinda interesting, to say the least. I wonder if people will make an issue of it. They should and they most certainly would if Sarah Palin made that comment. Again, it is kind of silly that we are penalizing candidates for innocent verbal flubs that have little to nothing to do with how they would govern, but fair is fair and this gaffe deserves a fair amount of ridicule. Wonder what the Bosnians thought about this statement.

And as a commenter points out:
I'm so not the expert here but I think using Bosniaks is correct.

Burn. When the commenters at RedState are giving you overly polite corrections, you know you suck. Oh, and I really like how he admits that it's silly that a single verbal slip-up should be used against politicians, but that Biden deserves ridicule for it anyway. That's very big of him.

Oddly, he doesn't suggest that Palin be ridiculed for her "General McClellan" slip-up, which, in my mind, suggests someone who memorized a bunch of stuff but wasn't really familiar enough with the material to get the details straight. But there's no way that's the case, as Palin is from Alaska, which is on the same planet as both General McKiernan and Afghanistan. I'm sure she's the utmost expert on General McKiernan in the entire universe.


Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

Well, to be fair and balanced, there really WAS a "General McClellan."

The only problem is, he's been dead for close to 150 years, and he never set foot in Afghanistan.

Other than that, a perfectly understandable misstep...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought Bosniaks sounded weird too - that's why he's the expert and I'm not :-)

I'm pretty sure Palin said "O'Biden" at some point there. Was that my imagination?

Anonymous said...

She said "doggonit" fer cryin' out loud. That alone should disqualify her from public office for life.

John McKay said...

When the wars in Yugoslavia broke out, the news agencies looked through 19th century travel literature to find possible names for all these people that they had never heard of. They tried out Bosniak, Bosniac, and Bosniard before settling on Bosnian for their official stylebooks. About the only construction that didn't make it into print was Bosnastani.

Kanyuk-nyuk-nyuk said...

I'm not a United Statsian (a correct term), but I am from a G8 country.

Your nation is going to hell in a basket no matter who wins. But if McBush and Palin win you can kiss what's left of your country goodbye.

You are losing freedom, national pride, value, wealth (for all but the top few). You have allowed your debates, thinking and actions to become dualistic - either or - nonsense and you, your fellow countrymen and the the rest of the world are paying the price.

These Republican wannabe Billy the Kids, guns a blazin' and bone-deep evil, as defined by their Uber-self-interest and lack of Empathy for anyone or anything else.

Your people are victims, the world has become victims, of US arrogance, sociopathic in it's merciless quest for wealth and power.

But some victims, like you apparently, have Stockholm Syndrome. Are hoping that if you are on "their" side you will be exempt from their tyranny?

Doctor Biobrain said...

Hey, at least she didn't say dagnabbit. But perhaps she's just saving that one for the League of Grizzled Prospectors debate next week.

As for Bosniaks, that's a new one for me too. But again, I wouldn't have criticized anyone for using it unless I knew what the hell I was talking about. And for the record, I just checked back and Pejman has still not acknowledged that he was wrong about that, dispite several comments pointing out that he was wrong. Two commenters even insult the people who say it was correct. I guess there's no mistake that's so big that a conservative can't make bigger.

Doctor Biobrain said...

But some victims, like you apparently, have Stockholm Syndrome. Are hoping that if you are on "their" side you will be exempt from their tyranny?

Ok, good to know, Kanyuk. I personally thought I was against any merciless quests for wealth and power, but apparently I was wrong. Thanks for the heads up.

Shade Tail said...

Kanyuk: It is actually somewhat comforting to know that provincial arrogance is not confined only to the United States.

You know a few things about us, and you think that is enough to understand *everything* about us? And, therefore, enough to tell us what our problems are?

You sound like a run-of-the-mill republican: an exceptionally self-confident fool who doesn't understand just how foolish you look.

Anonymous said...

I think Kanyuk was right on all points - I hate snow but Canada looks better all the time.