Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Respect My Authority

RedState's Pejman Yousefzadeh on why Vint Cerf's endorsement of Obama is invalid:

Google's Vint Cerf Endorses Obama. Reasons? He likes the "principle" of "net neutrality" and he also likes the idea of "sav[ing] money on lobbying fees" by having a President who will respond to Cerf's every desire.

Don't believe me? Read this.

No Pejman, I don't believe you. Because it seems a bit odd that Cerf would actually have said such a thing. But hey, Pejman did me the courtesy of giving a link for all us doubters to read. Surely that link would show that he was correct, right?

Wrong. If you click on that link, you just get another blogger who writes about Cerf, but doesn't quote one word that Cerf said. Instead, he quotes from another blogger who casts doubt on Cerf's motives for endorsing Obama. And when you click through his link, you end up at Valleywag, a tech gossip blog with a guy who opposes net neutrality (an issue he doesn't seem to understand) and who jokes that Cerf endorsed Obama to save on lobbying fees. And presumably, the joke would be that Cerf was acting out of his own self-interest because Obama supported a policy that Cerf supported.

And so from a tech gossip's anti-Cerf joke, we filter through a technology libertarian blog, and viola!, Pejman has his reason to diss Vint Cerf's endorsement of Obama. But of course, none of this makes any sense. I understand the desire to spin endorsements to de-emphasize their importance (ie, Powell and Obama are black); but in this case, the spin seems to be that Cerf's endorsement isn't legit because Obama agrees with Cerf on an issue that benefits Cerf. And this is damning because...

But of course, it doesn't matter what Vint Cerf says. All that matters is that somebody, somewhere made him look bad when saying it. And that's good enough for Pejman.

No Pro-American Associates

And I'll leave you with a comment from RedStater Stephen Halsey on McCain's weak attacks on Obama:

Also, the fact that Obama has no public associations with people who love and want to defend this country is troubling if not frightening. His entire past is littered with associations with communists, marxists, socialists and other radicals bent on the destruction of traditional America. These are serious and troubling issues and McCain has failed to make the case.

I think he left out all the muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, and hornswogglars Obama associated with back when he was Sheriff of Rock Ridge. And he never has been particularly open about this part of his past either...


Anonymous said...

OT. What would you call the 150,000 in clothes Palin recieved? A gift or income?

Doctor Biobrain said...

Hush money?

Even as a gift, shouldn't that be income? Besides, the only difference between a gift and income is that if you received it in a situation that you did work for them, it's income. That's why X-Mas bonuses are taxed too. When your boss give it to you, it ain't a gift. It's compensation. Seriously, I had trouble convincing one of my clients of that, as he INSISTED it should be a gift.

Of course, I really think the whole thing is going to turn out to be a reality show, and that they bought her all that excellent stuff just so they could have the cool scene where they try on different outfits while funky music plays. Knowing these braindeads, it'll be Barracuda by Heart.