Thursday, October 09, 2008

Hypothetical Diehards

If President Obama somehow turns out to be as bad as President Bush was, how likely is it that you'd still tell a pollster in 2012 that you supported him; assuming that the Republicans were still the jerks they are now? And if President Obama was as bad as President Bush was, would you consider voting for Romney instead?

I've got to be honest with you: I suspect I'd be one of the 25-percenter diehards. I might bad mouth him in person and on my blog, but I'd probably lie to the pollster and say that I still supported him. And there's no way I'd vote for a Republican. Any Republican. Even if he was a nice guy, he'd still be surrounded by greedy, narrow-minded jerks. And that's just not something I could ever support.

That's why I say: Nobody really supports Bush. I'm sure even Bush hates himself at this point. That's just the nature of politics. Given a choice between bad and worse, you've always got to go with bad. I'm just glad that we've got a great choice this time around, but I would have supported anyone we put up. Anything else is just illogical.

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