Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Got Polled

Hey, I actually got polled today! That's right, a real live pollster actually called my house and asked for my opinion about political races. It was pretty exciting. Particularly as the tiny bit of input my opinion makes into this poll is far, far more important than the nothing blip my actual vote makes on Election Day here in Texas. (Thanks Electoral College.)

And it's weird, as she asked me how likely it was that I'd vote, and I had to tell her that I already voted. And she told me that that's alright and I can answer the questions anyway, as if I had thought that my having voted made my opinion less important rather than more important. And the whole time, she kept asking me who I thought I'd vote for, again, as if I hadn't already voted. It was really quite weird. And that's one of the things about the polls: Now that early voting has started, the polls are becoming more accurate every day.

And one of the funniest parts about the interview was that she couldn't pronounce many of the names of the Democrats she was asking me about, and I couldn't tell her the names either, as I voted straight-ticket and didn't bother looking at them (I ALWAYS vote straight ticket). Sure, I helped her out with the pronunciation of Rick Noriega (who will hopefully be the next U.S. Senator of my fine state), but I didn't have a clue with most of the names she goofed. And it's not that she had a weird accent or anything, she just didn't seem to know how to pronounce names. And I kept telling her that I only voted for Dems, but she insisted on asking me about each race anyway, and I kept telling her "I don't know, whoever the Democrat was." Seriously.

So anyway, I feel pretty special. I always hear people complain about how pollsters have never called them, and now I'm proof that they do. To be honest, I don't even remember what group she said she was with, so I can't even go back to the numbers and see where I was. But whichever poll it was, I'm sure I did Obama some good. And that's what it's all about.

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