Monday, October 20, 2008

Obama the Socialist

Obama's black!?! Why doesn't anyone tell me these things? I'm sorry, but I just can't vote for that man. Not that I'm racist or anything, and if you dare accuse me of being one, it just shows how racist you are. It's simply that he's not part of what I'm a part of and I just can't handle that. It's not that I'm a bigot. It's just that he's not part of my scene; not one of us. John McCain, the multi-million dollar kept man who owns more houses than I've ever lived in, now he's someone I can relate to. But Obama had to earn his money...on the streets, and I just can't relate to that.

Plus, he's planning to make rich people pay more for stuff that benefits me, and that's just not something I agree with. If I don't pay for something with my cold hard cash, then I won't be using it at all. And that includes roads, police, phone lines, and educated workers. I'm a rugged individualist, dammit! That means I'm going it alone. Just me, in a remote cabin, catching my own food, burning my own wood, drinking my own water. Well, and stealing electricity and wireless internet from neighbors so I can keep my blog going, but hey, that stuff's free. Besides, I'm doing all that for you, my loyal readers.

But everything else needs to be earned. Dependence is servitude. Anyone who says any different is a socialist, trying to lure you in with the cheap promise of security, warmth, and happiness. But at what price, people? If the folks on the rich side of town can't afford an extra week in Italy, where's the liberty in that? And while it'd be nice if even poor people could have the government pay for their kidney operations, yachts don't pay for themselves, people. That's a fact. Until all the rich people own all the yachts, those kidney operations are just going to have to wait. That's just life.

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