Sunday, August 03, 2008

Losing Mrs Hilton

Paris Hilton's mom is right: McCain's ad attacking Obama for being like Paris Hilton is a huge waste of campaign funds. Ultimately, the only real purpose of this is to hurt Obama, but it doesn't really help McCain at all. And they're not designed to. John McCain is going to lose this election and his handlers only want him to help them hurt Obama. That's it. And they don't care if McCain's reputation is destroyed in the process; they'll just keep using him like they always have. He's been their loyal puppet ever since they pounded him in 2000, and now they're flushing him down the toilet in the hopes that he gets Obama wet in the process.

And honestly, the fact that McCain doesn't see this is yet more reason to not allow him anywhere near the Whitehouse. They're totally using him, and he's so eager to hurt Obama that he's letting it happen. And that's just no way to run a country. A smarter politico would know from the start that these people aren't his friends, but McCain's in such a bad spot that he really doesn't have any other choice. The guys he had originally were all lobbyists who didn't know how to run a political campaign, and now they've all been replaced by a-holes who only know how to hurt people.

But really, nothing could have saved McCain. This is Obama's year and McCain wasn't even a strong choice among a weak batch of Republicans. He was the default candidate who was destined to lose. It's just too bad that he's been tricked into losing it badly.


John of the Dead said...

The real question is: Are the tires in Paris Hilton's mom's limo properly inflated?

Doctor Biobrain said...

Good point, John. Because I betcha they are, which means that she's clearly an Obama supporter which proves that her criticism of McCain is entirely biased and should therefore be ignored.

Proper auto maintenance has a well known liberal bias.