Saturday, August 09, 2008

Wine Slobs Unite!

I'm drinking some drinkable boxed wine right now and stumbled upon this article about how silly wine connoisseurs really are. It included this little tidbit:

To collect his own tasting data, Brochet played a couple pretty dirty tricks on his volunteers. In one tasting, he served a white wine and elicited all the usual descriptions: "fresh, dry, honeyed, lively." Later he served the same wine dyed red: Out came the red terms: "intense, spicy, supple, deep." In another test, he submitted a mid-range Bordeaux in two different bottles, one labeled as a cheap table wine, the other bearing a grand cru etiquette: Guess which one was "woody, complex, and round" and which was "short, light, and faulty"?

Bitches. But thus said, I really would prefer some of that dyed white about now. The white I'm now drinking was the remainder of the glass that Mrs. Biobrain left before she went to bed and I can assure you that it was not meant to be drunk at room temperture. Damn my hatred of wasting stuff!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Dr. Biobrain, have you tried the boxed wine at Target? The Sauvignon Blanc is tasty.

Also, did you see the olympics' opening ceremony last night? I caught part of it, and Bush looked SO BORED and Laura looked so peeved. It was creepy.

How many days till Jan. 20??
Well, take care,

Doctor Biobrain said...

I think I have had the Target kind, which was good. But I'm normally too cheap for that expensive stuff. I generally go for the better of the Franzia wines. They're not great, but I've had worse from a bottle and it gets ya drunk, which is all that really counts.

And no, I generally try to avoid watching the Olympics, but can already imagine what George and Laura looked like from your description. I suspect those are the only true public emotions those two have anymore, except for when Bush looks peeved. And I don't even want to think about how they act privately. They both know he's going down in history as a huge failure and there's nothing they can do about it. The dream is dead. I'd feel sorry for them if they didn't deserve it.