Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Obama Doom Mongering

One of the big flaws with liberals is that we’re romantics at heart. For as much as we bitch and moan about the problems in the world, in the end, we expect the good guys to win and the bad guys to confess to everything while being handcuffed by the sheriff. But of course, that rarely happens in real life. As long as you’re smart and can afford a good defense, you can literally get away with murder, no matter how guilty you are.

And so it always bugs me when Republicans go on the attack and libs start buckling under and worrying that we’re losing. After all, the Republicans all seem so confident and it just seems as if every punch is unexpected. Obama’s now already on the ropes and it’s just a matter of time before they come in for the kill. Woe is us.

And that’s bullshit. The Republicans are waging an absolutely horrible campaign in a year that they had almost no chance of winning to begin with, and the fact that the media keeps repeating idiotic attacks against Obama gets people worried. We’ve got pundits on TV talking about how they used to support McCain, but how his recent negative attacks make him look bad, and we’re to imagine that this means we’re screwed. Everything’s a loser for us. Let’s just pack up and go home.

But of course, I would never switch sides on this in a million years. McCain’s in a horrible horrible position and voters are just not going to like him, and the new negativity isn’t helping at all. Like the idiotic tire gauge issue. That’s just dumb. As is the Paris Hilton, Britney Spears “celebrity” attack. And for as much as the attacks make me laugh, I also want to tear my hair out in frustration every time I hear liberals complain as if these are hard hitting attacks that are dooming us. They aren’t. The only way these lame attacks can hurt is if we allow them to distract us and act as if they worked. And that’s exactly what these people are doing.

Strength from Weakness

And look, Republicans will NEVER admit they’re weak or desperate. In fact, they’ll act like they’re at their strongest when they’re at their very weakest. That’s a guarantee. It’s all about deception with these people and we can’t use the fact that they keep attacking Obama as any indication of anything.

As we speak, many of McCain’s media admirers are already admitting on television that he’s running a dirty campaign that embarrasses them. It won’t be too much longer until they realize this is the “real” John McCain and that they had been duped. And I predicted this months ago. August is a long month in presidential politics, and if they’re already bad mouthing his attacks now, he’ll be totally screwed by October, which is when most voters really start paying attention

And hey, we’ll never win everyone over. People just aren’t like that. Your crazy uncle will still keep accepting those insane Obama-bashing emails as gospel truth, and it’s almost impossible that McCain will get less than 40% of the electorate, and he’s likely to get more than 45%. But 45% is a trouncing in presidential politics. We don’t need to convince everyone. Karl Rove will never admit that Obama is in a far superior political position. In real life, bad guys rarely ever confess. McCain will not throw in the towel.

But we don’t need confessions, or Karl Rove, or your crazy uncle. We just need for liberals to not get discouraged or distracted by Republican attacks. John McCain can’t win this thing and he’s not supposed to. He’s just supposed to hurt Obama. We just need to be strong, in order to prevent that from happening. Remember, they impeached Clinton when he was at his most popular and it was a huge embarrassment for them. And so far, Obama's team seems far savvier than Clinton's ever did. The only people who need to be worried are the Bushies who are about to have all the dirty laundry exposed next year.

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John Fulton said...


I read the doomsayers, and I'm wondering: have they never seen negative campaigning before? We knew McCain would go negative and that it would be ugly. McCain has two portions of his base these ads are directed at, his media base and the Repulicans who hate him.

Negative ads work for people like that. But McCain has nowhere to go. He has no ideas, no real campaign, no solutions to any problems. He's got nothing besides the fact that he's the white guy, and I don't think that's enough anymore.