Sunday, August 10, 2008

McCain's Really Bad Sucky Year

While John McCain probably believed that 2000 was a bad year for him, due to him being completely sideswiped by the Republican Attack Machine that certainly didn't want him anywhere near Legacy Bush's Whitehouse, I believe that, by comparison, the poor guy will look back with fond memories of that year. Because 2008 will be the year he got completely destroyed in a presidential election while also having flushed his career down the toilet. It's one thing when you lose for being too nice, but it hurts that much more to be a complete asshole and still lose.

At least after 2000 he had an adoring media to fall back on, which would love him and squeeze him for years to come, based at least partly on their admiration for how badly he'd been smeared in 2000. But now... now he's got no one to blame but himself. I'm sure running for president seemed like a pretty good idea a year ago, but now that he's facing the reality of running as a Republican in a year that everyone likes Democrats, he's probably having a few regrets.

At this point, I was going to write about McCain's DHL problem in Ohio as well as his nuclear waste problem in Nevada, which surely have made a bad situation much worse, but screw it. It was already written about and by a better blogger than me, so I don't really see why I bothered in the first place. But all I'm saying is that if November comes out as an Obama landslide, make sure you tell everyone that you heard it from me first. It might not necessarily be true, but it'd sure make me feel better. Thanks.

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