Sunday, August 24, 2008

Joe Biden for Vice-President!!

I've got a confession: For as much as I consider myself to be a political junkie, I'm really not into the whole policy thing too much. Even worse, for as much as I do follow policy discussions, I generally don't get into this shit to the level of actually watching Congressional hearings and all that. For me, there are just too many moving parts to that kind of thing, and so while I follow political discussions of which politician said what stupid thing and how I can use that to my personal advantage, I don't really know much of what those politicians actually do, you know, as part of their actual job and all that. Basically, I know what I need to know for what I enjoy knowing, and that's about it.

And so what I'm getting at is that, as far as Joe Biden is concerned, all I really know about him is what I've seen on The Daily Show, and I kind of stopped watching that about two years ago (nothing against the show, but I got to be the only one at home who wanted to watch it, and I don't like watching TV alone, so I just stopped watching it). And from what I've seen on The Daily Show, Joe Biden's a pretty decent pick for the VP slot. I'm not sure what the netroots has against him, (though I've heard some noise about him supporting the lousy bankruptcy bill), but he seems like a pretty decent pick to me. I mean hell, it's not like the Republicans can use the bankruptcy bill against Obama or Biden; nor does it seem as if Biden will try to pass that same bill again, so I don't see why that kind of thing is such a big deal. That's what we call pragmatism, my friends.

And seeing as how I follow this kind of thing far, far better than the average voter, I think that spells good things for Biden. He sounds intelligent, looks intelligent, and hey, he probably is pretty intelligent; and that puts him ahead of just about any Republican who's honest enough to still be in office. And then I just read this AP Analysis piece that sounds like he's already ripping the shit out of McCain and I've got to like that. Not that I was one who thought Obama was going too soft on McCain, but I really did like the Biden hits on Obama.

And hey, it should have been Wesley Clark. But what can you do? Cry about it? And it's quite possible I've been totally wrong about Clark all these years and he would have let me down as President and Vice-President, just like I might have been wrong for supporting Dodd earlier this year. And so this way, I get to keep pretending that I was right all along, without having to worry about reality proving me wrong; and that's always nice. And so hey, Biden wasn't my first choice, but the very limited knowledge I have of him tells me that he was a great choice.

Besides, Obama's still got me slotted to be Shadow Vice-President, which is where all the real power is anyway (thanks Cheney), so you'll hear no complaints from me. Believe or not, the Shadow VP debate will be moderated by none other than Edward R. Murrow, who has been covering shadow news since he faked his death back in the 60's. And yes, my opponent will be Dick Cheney. Wish me luck.

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