Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sucky Young Hippies

I hate old hippies. I'm not talking about the ex-hippies who sold-out and turned into the very people they despised (though those guys aren't great either). I'm talking about the burn-outs who still held on and can't stop talking about how much better everything was forty fucking years ago. Some old dude in 1968 talking about how much better things were in 1928 would have gotten laughed at. Yet now I'm supposed to put up with these whiny bastards telling me how much better things were forty years ago? Please. Life is what you make of it, and if you're at a party and can only bitch about how much better things used to be, then I can understand why you'd say that. But please don't try to tell me that I'm not having as much fun as I would have had back then, because I always have fun wherever I go. The biggest downer I ever have at the few parties I go to are these crusty assheads telling me about how much better everything used to be, because that's all they ever really want to talk about.

But even worse than the old hippies who won't let go: Dumbshit young hippies who weren't alive in 1968, but who insist that everything was better back then and that everything sucks now. Those people are insane. It's like they've only lived life through Best Of collections and don't realize that most music, movies, TV shows, and people totally sucked back then, just like they do now. And that's not to mention the internet, which was waaaaaay slow. And you couldn't go to 24 hour stores or fastfood places, and television stopped at midnight and you only had a handful of channels. No VCR's or DVD's or Wii's, and it really wasn't all that easy to get drugs either. Hell, I remember that kind of existence and I wasn't alive in the 60's either. I honestly believe this is the best time to be alive and things keep getting better.

And again, I think the problem is that they listen too much to the old hippies and watch the movies that make it look like wild parties all the time, and don't realize that everyone glamorizes their past. And the Baby Boomers were horrible about that, as they were all convinced they were the center of the universe and that nobody's lived like they lived. Hell, I betcha most of the old hippies complaining about how much better things used to be were real lame-asses back in the day and used to complain about shit back then too. Or maybe they were really cool and lost it. But whatever it is, you can make of life what you want. Nothing is stopping these people from having the parties and music they had back then, besides their sucky attitudes about how much better things used to be. Especially here in Austin, which is the coolest city in the world. Sure, there are sucky people here, but there's always been sucky people here. The question is whether you can block them out and enjoy the good people.

But I doubt things were ever as good as they remember them. They just want us to feel like shit because we're not as cool as people used to be. And I don't put up with that shit when it comes from conservative a-holes and I'm certainly not going to put up with it coming from hippy a-holes. Life is whatever you want to make of it and if you think life sucks now, then I'm sure it does. But it doesn't have to.

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