Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring Break in Bioland

Just so yall know, this is Spring Break in Bioland and I’ve been appointed Official Funmeister by my kids, which means that I’m expected to keep them entertained all the damned time.  Did I mention that it’s often raining?  Long story short, I probably won’t be posting too much until the end of the week.  

But you probably wouldn’t be making too big of a mistake if you just randomly browsed through my archives.  I’m sure there’s bound to be something that you missed, and my old stuff’s just about the same crap I’m writing now.  All I do is change the names.  Just don’t go back too far, as I make no guarantees about the really old stuff.  Try doing searches on Rove or Cheney.  That’ll be fun.

Anyway, have a rocking Spring Break, unless you’re a working stiff who has eschewed the Cancun fling thing, in exchange for a regular paycheck and subpar benefits.  Sucks to be you.  But no worry, you can just keep checking my page for new updates while you’re at work all day.  That’ll show those bastards!

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