Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Puppet Justice

Once upon a time, Alberto Gonzalez was supposed to be a Supreme Court justice.  And now he’s the latest disgraced puppet being scapegoated to save the Republicans.  And what’s the point?  He was picked because he was a loyal Bushie and they’re only going to replace him with yet another loyal Bushie who would have done the exact same things Alberto did.  Hell, it’s even possible he’ll be worse.

So replacing Alberto won’t make a damn bit of difference.  Someone might have integrity before they work for the Bushies, but it’ll all be gone by the time they leave.  Because even the honest ones will be quickly worn down by the constant, yet casual requests for them to act badly.  And if they don’t, they’ll be asked to step aside or even worse, left with nothing to do.  And if they’re Republicans, it’s likely that they didn’t have that integrity to begin with.

But that’s not just a quirk with these people.  It’s how they do things and is one of the reasons they’re so successful.  Republicans are a top-down authoritarian organization and there is no room for thinkers or independence.  It’s all about following orders and trusting that the guy giving the orders knows what he’s doing.  And as long as everyone stays loyal and no one’s given any real power to screw things up with, everything works out fine.

But really, what is the offense that we’re knocking Gonzalez for?  Being a puppet.  But that’s the same offense that all of them are guilty of.  Even Bush himself is little more than an unwitting puppet manipulated by people much smarter than he is.  Sure, he may be a bullying asshole, but bullies can be manipulated too.  But as long as he and Cheney are in charge, they’ll keep hiring puppets and listening to bad people who will only tell them what they want to hear.

So the only way to clean up this rat’s nest is to clean the whole thing out, and I strongly believe this prosecutors scandal might just be the ticket we were looking for.  Beltway Wisdom aside, the president is not supposed to be using our judicial system to commit election fraud and obstruct justice.  They may be political appointees, but they still work for us.  I’ve been working on this all day, and have deleted half of this, so I’m just going to end it right now.


whig said...

Are you worried about how this will go?

They are a house divided now. The entire prosecutorial class is against them.

whig said...

That's what we are, too. You and me both You may be an accountant, and I may be a programmer, but we are prosecuting now.

I'm proud that Patrick Fitzgerald proved there is still honor to be saved. It will no longer be Republican honor, that is gone, but there are honorable people who used to be called Republican.

J. Mumphrey Bibblesnæð said...

God, I hope this does the trick. I've hoped that foe a long time now, though, and so far, nothing has worked to thorughly discredit these clowns.
I think the trigger will be an approval rating below 25%. That's where Nixon was when he cut and ran, and I think if Bush gets down that low, a bunch of Republicans will head to the White House to lay it out for him: Get out now.
I don't think he'll do that; if there's one thing that defines this childish, inadequate "man" it's stubbornness. So the congressmen will have to either beat him to death right there and then, which I admit is unlikely, or impeach him.
I think if his numbers drop below 25, we really could see (some) Republicans take the lead in impeaching him. They'll have no choice if they want any kind of a prayer of not losing wholesale in 2008, and the longer Bush and Cheney stick around, the harder it will be to wash their stink off the whole wretched party in time to not get washed away in November 2008.
The trigger, though, is that magic 25% mark. At least that's my reckoning. He has to fall below that before this all begins to happen. And I don't know how he'll fall through that 30%. I mean after all that's happened, he's still stuck at 30. What more can he do to lose another few points? The people who are sticking with him are as delusional as he is if they think he's doing a top-flight job, andhe could eat a live puppy on television and those deadenders would just say it was an al qaeda puppy, so he had no choice.
I could be wrong, though, and something, even this firing thing, could be what it takes for him to drop through that magic 30%.
Well, I don't know why I keep giving you all this great stuff for free when I could be putting it on my own blog. I'm just too nice a guy I guess.