Thursday, March 29, 2007

MC Dork

Did you see the lameass MC Rove performance at the Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner?  If not, don’t.  You’ll surely regret it.  Hell, I actually thought I’d get to see Rove rapping, and that’d at least be worth something.  But no, he delivers a few weakass punchlines that the emcee had to repeat each time (because Rove’s such a dork that he can’t speak-up), and then says “MC Rove” a few times throughout one of those White Guy Raps that were embarrassing twenty years ago and are now simply pathetic.  I can’t believe that someone got paid good money to produce such a lame show.  It had all the production values of a Knights of Columbus meeting.  And Rove is a HUUUUGE dork.  No wonder he’s fucking everything up for us.  It’s revenge.  He’s pissed that he had to go through life as a dork, and now it’s payback time, Rove Style.

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