Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Conservative Nutjob Cal Thomas

Woweewow!  Someone needs to stop taking the crazy pills.  Or maybe they need to start taking them, I don’t know.  And that someone: Conservative Nutjob Cal Thomas.  He insists that the media has a whole slew of scandals that it decides to pursue or holdback, based entirely upon the political needs of the Democrats.  

For example, he suggested that the reason Tim Russert recently said the US Prosecutor scandal needed to be investigated was because we’re now into the 2008 election cycle and the media needed a new scandal to damage Republicans.  You see, the media had the scandal going all the way back to October, but they didn’t need it then because they already had a full plate of scandals, including the whole Mark Foley thing.

But now Tim Russert and his cohorts have decided that they were running low on anti-Bush scandals and decided to pull the Prosecutor scandal out of their back of tricks.  What a nutjob!

He also seemed to be suggesting that the Walter Reed scandal was more about the cover-up than the crime.  Have I missed something?  I thought the scandal was the fact that our veterans were being treated so shabbily by an administration intent on paying lip service to our veterans.  Was there a cover-up too?  And could it possibly have been worse than recuperating soldiers living with mold-infested walls and rats?  That must have been one helleva cover-up.

And he mentions this as a way to scoff at and minimize such scandals, as if there’s nothing wrong with covering-up wrong doing.  But he was really just talking out of his ass and really didn’t give a damn what he was saying.  He was just rambling out clichés to make himself feel clever and to give the poor rubes at home something to hold onto.  It’d be sad if he actually fooled anyone.  Even his fellow Foxes seemed to think he was being “a little overly conspiratorial,” and that’s what they do for a living.

And of course the immediate joke was that Cal had his facts wrong and that there was no prosecutor scandal in October, because only one prosecutor had been fired at that time (though I think they may have just found another one).  The other seven came in December.  I guess that’s what a well-oiled machine the media is; that they can uncover and hide scandals before they’ve even occurred.  The Whitehouse played right into their hands.

But again, not knowing which month the scandal occurred was really only a minor offense.  The real offense is that such a crackpotted boob would ever get on TV in the first place.  Thank god he’s not a liberal.  I could just see Fox putting him on all the same, and letting that dumbass embarrass our side for a change.  I mean, when you’re at the level that you believe GOP-fluffer Tim Russert is intentionally keeping back a big scandal in order to save it for a more effective attack on Republicans, it’s time to put down your ticket to Crazytown; you’re already there.

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whig said...

Yeah there was a cover-up. They painted over the mold, didn't they? :)