Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Oh my fucking lord are Republicans stupid.  I finally got around to reading one of those prosecutor firing emails, and am not at all surprised that the Republicans are screwing up so much on everything.  With dummies like these, we should consider ourselves lucky that they haven’t blown us all up…though I guess I shouldn’t give them any ideas.

First off, what the hell are they doing writing about this in email?  It’s obvious from the emails that they knew they were doing some screwy stuff.  Where the hell have they been for the past ten years?  Everyone knows that you don’t discuss anything in email that you wouldn’t want splashed on blogs everywhere.  Or if you do, that you do so in a CYA manner.  But these schmucks almost spell it all right out.  They were doing something scammy that they knew could blow up in their faces, and were looking for the best way of hiding it.  And that makes it all the worse that they didn’t come up with a damn thing.

Here’s what I’m talking about, from the originating email:
I am concerned that to execute this plan properly we must all be on the same page and be steeled to withstand any political upheaval that might result…

And if you didn’t know any better, the whole email makes it sound like they’re planning a spy mission or something, yet this isn’t even the plan.  The plan was in an attachment on the email.  So what the hell happened?  Not only were they not on the same page when this broke, none of them even seemed to be in the fucking book!

A reply to that one included this line:
Before executing this plan, we wanted to give your offices a heads up and seek input on changes that might reduce the profile or political fallout.  Thanks.

Again, they knew they were brewing for a fight, so what the hell happened?  The fricking Iraq War had a better follow-up plan, and they didn’t have a follow-up plan.  And with Iraq, they at least fooled themselves into thinking everything would go well.  But as this email shows, they clearly knew there would be “political fallout” from this.  What the hell happened?

Perhaps it’s the fault of Tasia Scolino, who should clearly stay clear of the prognosticating business.  She didn’t think the fired prosecutors would cause a stink because it would hurt their future job prospects.  As she says, “I don’t see it as being a national story…”

Good call, Tasia.  And then they did nothing.  They were utterly flatfooted, tossing out laughable excuses as if they didn’t think it mattered.  And now they’re being called before committees and pleading the Fifth and all kinds of crazy stuff that probably goes well beyond what they imagined this would be.  

Career Fakers

But really, this all fits within their same MO.  They don’t have a clue.  They worry about stuff they shouldn’t worry about and completely miss things that will screw them over bigtime.  They just don’t know and are fumbling around blind.  Even in this case, where they knew there’d be political fallout, they just couldn’t think of a good response so they just imagined it away.  This wasn’t going to be a big story because they didn’t want it to be a big story.  Life’s just like that.  

As things are, they were able to take over our government due to a keen understanding of marketing and the ability to say any damn thing they wanted without shame.  But as we have clearly seen, it was all for show.  They didn’t have some keen insight on how politics really worked.  They came up with a foolproof gameplan, which was quite important, as they’re fools.  Even the top brains like Rove and Cheney aren’t nearly as bright as they’d like to see themselves, and the lower level minions are even worse.  

They’re good at following orders.  They’re good at regurgitating words and acting confident.  And that’s it.  That’s the extent of their powers.  And that’s fine for winning elections and keeping the all-important message discipline, but it’s absolutely crap for running things.  And so we see absurd emails like this, sent by people so clueless that you almost feel sorry for them…almost.

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Dan said...

I think you misread those emails a bit.

They actually didn't plan for the general public and the Democrats in congress to raise a stink about this. All their planning in the emails was about containing the outrage of the prosecutors and their Republican congressional sponsors for firing their chosen people.

What the incident goes to show is how clueless they are when it comes to facing an opposition congress. They are so used to congress just rolling over for them, it never occurred to them to plan for that contingency.

Think of the early incidents, like the threatening calls to the prosecutors who were speaking out early.

That was a panic response borne out of the complete lack of a plan to handle non-Republican reaction to the firings.

That's what's so sweet about this. Finally we are seeing the incompetence hurt them politically - they can't handle the Democrats, and they're really bad at it.