Saturday, March 10, 2007

Catchy and Meaningful Title Involving GOP Immorality

David Kurtz at TPM quotes a long piece from an article in Legal Times regarding the fired US Attorneys and how wrong it was for the Bushies to attempt to justify their actions by smearing those guys.

But not only was it wrong from a moral perspective, that you’d smear hardworking ex-employees to save your own ass, but it was also wrong from a strategic perspective.  Now, this is no longer about the attorneys acting only if they’re wanting the truth to come out.  This is about them saving their own reputations; lest they want to have this permanent black mark stuck on their careers.

And this fits in with my previous post on the Bushies Immoral Compass.  Because I’m sure none of this occurred to the Bushies when they decided to start smearing these people.  They didn’t think it was immoral, because they don’t have morals.  They didn’t think it was a blunder, because this was the best justification they could come up with.  And immoral people will always go with the best sounding justification for their unjustifiable actions.  Any port in a storm, and all that.

And so this is just another aspect that’s just blindsided them.  Rather than having some nice sounding justification to make the scandal go away, they just pushed the fired attorneys into their opponents’ hands.  Plus, they’ve offended respectable lawyer-types, including Republican ones and GOP Senators.  And so their justification just blew-up in their face and made the whole scandal five times worse.

Yet the whole thing was a no-brainer.  As it is with everything the Bushies do.  For as much as people portray them as super clever guys who can use reverse-reverse-reverse mental jujitsu to have their opponents take themselves down with every move, they’re not.  They just know one trick play and run it on every opportunity.  And they have no idea when it’s appropriate, or when they’re doing overkill, or when they’re shooting themselves in the foot.  They just keep running that same play.

And again, it’s simply because they’re without morals.  And despite the title of that last post, which I just quickly tossed-out because I couldn’t think of anything better, they’re not immoral.  To be immoral, they’d at least have to understand morality.  But they don’t.  They don’t even know which actions are particularly egregious.  They don’t know what to defend or how to defend it.  They don’t know which actions of their enemies are to be attacked.  They instinctively will defend all of their actions and attack all of their enemies’ actions with whatever idea pops into their nasty little brains.  That’s all they do.

And naturally, this has all caught up with them.  Again, it’s not a fluke or a series of mistakes that continues to bring them down.  It’s inherent in the system.  They can never succeed in the long-term.  They will never have a political dynasty.  They will continue to bluster and blunder through each political era and never understand why things aren’t working out better.  They keep seeing a Democratic opponent who has no idea of how to play the game, and can’t figure out why they aren’t stomping them into the ground forever.  And even still, the Dems are catching-on, while the Republicans continue to run the same play into the ground.

And while they’d be wise to take it as a Zen-style karma that’s stopping them, they’d be wiser to realize that the play they keep calling only has limited uses and ends-up hurting them more than it helps them.  As things are, it really helps them when they’re not in power, as their mistakes aren’t nearly as disastrous when they’re in the opposition.  So it doesn’t hurt them as much so it’s easier for them to succeed when they’re not in power.  But once they’re given actual power, they will surely abuse it, as they have no other choice.  

Were they to have enough of a moral compass to only use their dirty play when it was necessary, they would be much too moral to use it at all.   Once you’ve taken that shortcut, it’s just too appealing to stop taking.  And for as much as it’s given them everything they have, it will always prevent them from taking everything they want.

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John of the Dead said...

Ah, perhaps "amoral" would have been the word you were seeking.