Friday, January 05, 2007

WTF?!? of the Week

And for our WTF?!? of the Week, we have this story from the AP regarding House committee name changes that the Democrats have made with their new session.  These changes were to undo changes that Republicans made when they swept into office in 1994.  Here are the changes made by the Republicans in ’94:

The Committee of Education and Labor became the Committee of Education and the Workforce.

The House Natural Resources Committee (which had been the Committee on Public Lands until 1993) became the House Resources Committee.

The Foreign Affairs Committee became the International Relations Committee.

The Committee on Science, Space, and Technology became The Science Committee.

Government Reform and Oversight Committee became the Government Reform Committee.

What the fuck is the matter with these people?  I mean, really.  This stuff is just blatantly stupid.  And why the hell hadn’t I heard about this sooner?  Because this stuff is so obvious.  It’s like they’re telegraphing what jerks they are and they just don’t care.  Like take that last one.  In 1999, they decided to drop the Oversight function from their committee.  No oversight, just government reform.  And by government reform, I’m sure they meant making it more to their liking.  Is there any other way of reading that?  I don’t think so.  They’re just telling us that they don’t give a damn and they don’t give a damn who knows it.

Or the change from Foreign Affairs to…International Relations??  That’s just stupid.  Is it because some dipshit Republican on the committee didn’t like the idea of being associated with an affair?  Or is it just that they hated being associated with foreigners?  Or both??  If taken literally, it’s like we’re no longer supposed to care about the affairs of other nations, but rather solely concern ourselves with our relation to them.  Am I wrong?

And I can see dropping the Space function, assuming they’re not doing that anymore; but why drop the Technology part?  They did it in 1995, and technology totally boomed during that time.  Who knows?  Maybe getting the Republicans’ filthy hands off of it really paid off.

Sure, sure.  Maybe there’s some good reason why they did all this.  And it’s quite possible that everyone in the world knows about those reasons far better than I can ever understand.  I don’t care.  I just needed a quickie blog post and this one just wrote itself.  Yet still, I’m outraged.  So I call this a good post.  I got to call them dipshits and jerks, and isn’t that really what it’s all about?  I think so.

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Bibblesnæð said...

At least as far as the "International Relation Committee" goes, I think it's nothing more than snobbishness. Some fool thought the big words sounded fancier, and therefore classier, than the shorter ones, which were just as good.
It's like calling townhouses "townhomes". That one makes me want to throw up. Let's just go all the way and call them "whorehomes".