Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Partisan Pinko Presidents

Guest Post by Doctor Snedley, Personal Assistant to Doctor Biobrain

Looks like uber-fascist Glenn Greenwald’s at it again.  Here we see him, paint fumes still wafting from the nostrils, attempting to suggest that because Republican Congressmen forced then-president Clinton to leave Somalia, that this somehow proves that Democrat Congressmen can do the same to Bush.  

What else can we give that but a big WHAT  EVER!!

Update: Apparently, the libtards have had someone read this post to them and they’re angry.  Like that’s a surprise.  It seems my self-evident argument wasn’t self-evident enough for these flakes.  And as much as I’d like to dismiss these bitter protests with yet another WHAT EVER!!, this stuff is so obvious that I can even explain it to them.

You see, not only has Greenwald failed to demonstrate that Congress has these powers, he’s managed to undermine the Democrat anti-war position entirely.  For you see, when Republicans were demanding that Clinton leave Somalia, they were doing so for entirely partisan purposes.  They knew that Reagan and Bush Sr. had left our country strong enough internationally that we could accept a loss in Somalia (unlike Clintoon who has doomed us to generations of never backing down).  And they knew for damn certain that our troops were more than capable of taking care of themselves; especially against the ragheaded riffraff in Somalia (Blackhawk Down, anyone?).

So this didn’t have anything to do with the anti-American reasons libtards might give for opposing wars.  Hell no.  The Republicans were just trying to undermine Clinton's authority; plain and simple.  And seeing as how Clinton was a known communist-sympathizer who still has unanswered questions regarding his frequent visits to Moscow during the height of the Cold War; it only made sense that they should undermine his authority.  It was for the good of the country.  

And it worked too.  Had we allowed Clintoon to stretch his pinko wings, who knows what kind of damage he’d do.  And as things are, we ended up converting him into an almost respectable capitalist who did far more harm to his Soviet overlords than they could ever have imagined.  That’s why the left-nuts had to turn to Bin Laden and Al Qaeda for leadership, as they clearly showed their superiority over the joke-like Soviets in their ability to harm our booming economy.  If only we had Soviets to deal with now…

It’s the 9/11, Stupid

And so that’s why Republicans demanded that Clinton remove the troops.  Not because they opposed our troops, or wanted to appease Muslim extremists, or even that they had the power (which they didn’t).  It was just a partisan attack to undermine our pinko president.  They were playing politics, and they won.

And so in that light, the Democrat's own calls for withdraw should be seen as being equally partisan.  They don’t care about our troops and they know that they’re already doing enough here in our country to abet and aide our enemies far more than anything those penny-ante thugs in Iraq could ever do.  No, they just want to undermine Bush’s authority the way that we undermined Clinton’s authority.

But this time, it’s for entirely opposing reasons.  We undermined Clinton’s authority because he was a danger to America and couldn’t be trusted with the infinite powers our forefathers so wisely granted to the presidency.  The Democrats, on the other hand, want to deny Bush those powers simply because he wants to wipe-out these dangers to America, and is going to make the world safe for Democracy & Prosperity forever.  That’s what they fear the most.

And those are the exact reasons why the Founding Fathers placed the presidency above the law, while allowing the proper people to deny those powers to the improper ones.  It was all about separation of powers, something the Damnable Dems can never understand.  Sure, Greenwald and his Dem Traitors can screech irrationally about how Republicans did the same things the Dems want to do now.  And I have just three words for them: 9/11, 9/11, 9/11.

Oh, and one more word: WHAT EVER!!


Anonymous said...

Haha, I guess if that makes sense to you then you just go right on believing whatever nonsense makes you feel better.

To the rest of us not drinking the kool-aid, your "explanation" would be laughable if it weren't so frighteningly insane.

Doctor Snedley said...

I believe you mean insanely clever, but thanks all the same.