Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Carnival Without Biobrain

Guess what, folks.  There was another Carnival of the Liberals, but apparently the Carnival host Shakespeare’s Sister had some falling out with her readers or something, and so she decided to deny them the honor of reading the best post; ie, mine.  And while you’ve probably already read it (it’s only a few days old), I just can’t deny you people the honor of knowing which post was the best one of the Carnival.

It was The Argument Against War, giving my detailed reasons for opposing the Iraq war.  And I must say, it was a pretty good one, even by my own high standards.  And so if you’d like to relive the excitement of a post I’m sure you read last Thursday, go for it.  But remember not to tell any of Shakespeare’s readers or even any of the Carnival readers who don’t already read this blog.  We must preserve the sanctity of the Carnival by respecting the Carnival host’s judgment on which posts they’ll punish people by not selecting.  That’s only fair.

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