Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Happy Fitzmas, Everyone!

Is it possible that Fitzgerald is such a genius that he’s intentionally going after Cheney as a way of getting Libby to throw Rove under the bus?  And that he could possibly end up with all three of them?  

That might be a stretch, but it’s what certainly seems to be happening and would seem like a fairly obvious divide-and-conquer strategy for someone with the knowledge Fitz has.  I haven’t really been following this case too much and this may have already been said, but that’s the only sense I can get out of Libby’s defense.  Not that he’s trying to defend himself, because it’s really not much of a defense.  But that he’s trying to set-up Rove to save Cheney.  But again, if Fitz’s case is tight enough, it’s quite possible he could get both.  Or maybe I’m just talking through my ass.  Either way, things are getting pretty fun.

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