Friday, September 22, 2006

Yea Torture!!

In regards to America’s new torture guidelines, all I can say is that I find this so upsetting that I will continue my ostrich routine until I wake-up and find that the good guys did the right thing and it all went away. Wish me luck. I’m very upset. We’re all screwed.

On the bright side, at least the current generation of leaders is leaving us with a full deck to deal with when we finally take the reins of government. I was always worried that us Gen-X leaders wouldn’t have enough to do Oh wait, I forget. The media stripped us of the Gen-X label when we didn’t all turn into heroin-addicted slackers, so I think we’re now Gen-W.

But whoever we are, we’ll certainly have a full plate when it’s our turn to run things. Thanks guys. I was always worried that America would still have some semblance of a decent reputation in some parts of the world. Perhaps even some moral authority. But I guess the Bush Gang took care of that quite handily; which perhaps was their one point of actual competence; well, besides lying and winning elections based on lies. But I suppose that too is all part of their “Let’s Screw with America” plan. One thing is clear: History will not forget these assholes. Nor will it forgive.

P.S. Would it really help if I contacted my Republican Senators or Congressman? I’ve never done that kind of thing before and feel it would be utterly futile. Convince me I’m wrong. I’m really upset.

P.P.S. Never mind. I’ve just been assured that only the bad guys will be tortured. And we’ll know that because every one of them will have confessed to being a bad guy. That changes everything. Yea torture!!

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