Wednesday, September 13, 2006

We're All Bin Laden Now

How ironic is it that a man who decided to not shave until after we caught Bin Laden is now looking like Bin Laden?  Too ironic?  Or just right?  Because that’s what Bush has done to all those who put faith in his actions and motives.

Bush says we’re under attack because these people hate our freedom and tolerance and love war and unrest, and now he’s making us all look like Bin Laden.  But I’m sure, like the man’s beard, these are only temporary measures, until we catch Bin Laden.  And then Bush, or whoever the president will be, will quickly sweep away all the powers Bush has claimed for himself and allow Congress and the Courts to once again have some role in the functioning of our government.  And I’m not going to stop blogging until it does.

P.S. No, I’m not actually suggesting there is any moral equivalence between us and Osama.  Only a similar outlook by some of our more restrictionist-minded leaders.  But then again, I have few doubts that Bush wouldn’t kill thousands of civilians to achieve his goals; because he’s already doing it.  And he does so in our name.

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