Friday, September 01, 2006

Bestowing Thanks

Here’s a belated congratulations to myself for once again winning the Carnival of the Liberals on Wednesday.  I had given it a rest for the past several competitions to allow other people the opportunity to finally win something for once in their lives, but now I’m back.  And while my entry wasn’t listed on the top of the list, it’s quite obvious that I was clearly the top selection of the group.  How could it be otherwise?

I’d also like to make note of Whig of Cannablog (which I believe is some sort of blog for cannibals) who wisely choose me as Blog of the Day.  I personally think that my blog is always the blog of the day, but I thank Whig for making this more explicit.  It may seem as if I would tire of all the honor and praise bestowed upon me on a daily basis, but I remain stoic about it and understand why so many people desire to worship at my feet.  I would too, if I weren’t already standing on them; which is probably the greatest honor that I can give.

And for all you people out there who read my posts and enjoy what you see, you’re welcome.

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