Thursday, September 21, 2006

Email Stock Tip of the Day

For those of you interested in my previous stock tip, I’ve got another one for you.  You didn’t hear this from me, but the grapevine says there’s a great Gold & Silver stock that is currently priced at a meager $0.45 a share which is targeted to increase to a whopping $3 a share in five days.  That’s like a fifty bagillion percent profit annualized.  Talk about a steal!  And the best thing about it is that I didn’t even ask for this great advice.  It just arrived in my Inbox.  Very fortuitous, this internet is.

Oddly enough, the 30-day target puts the price at $9 a share, yet the “analysts” seem to suggest that any price over $3 is a “Moderate Sell”.  I guess they just don’t want us to get too greedy, or maybe they don’t want us to have to pay too much at tax time.  Kind people.

Oh well, that’s my stock tip of the day.  And for any of you planning to make a bundle on this tip: Good luck!

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