Friday, September 29, 2006

Can You Say Habeas Corpus?

I honestly can’t imagine how Democrats can avoid not bludgeoning the GOP with their recent bill destroying our constitution.  I fear they’ll blow it, but I just can’t see how.  Were I an important Democrat, this would be a total slam-dunk.  If anyone didn’t know what Habeas Corpus meant already, they’d know by the time I was done.

And the thing to remember is that this is the compromise position, because the conservatives didn’t think Bush had to ask Congress for these powers.  They thought it was theirs for the taking.  I’m sure it was a major blow to them that they had to make all this public and admit that Congress was nominally in charge of this kind of thing.  Because that means that Congress can also take this away; a position that the Bushies would never agree with.

And now it’s time for Democrats to give them their next blow, on Election Day.  It’s time we all start giving America their first Latin lesson.


whig said...

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wtf said...

It'd sure help if Dems like Sen Salazar of Colorado didn't vote for the bill...but no, he voted yes.

I will never vote for him again!