Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dick & Don's Free Khalid Movement

What if Khalid Sheikh Mohammed finally got his day in court, whether kangaroo or not, and was found innocent? As if even the super top-secret evidence that no one was actually allowed to look at still wasn’t convincing enough? Would they release him? Maybe deport him back to his homeland for a hero’s welcome? And if that happened, would Bush finally just give-up and move back to Texas? Would he make sure to fire Cheney and Rummy first? Or would he just shoot them? Knowing Bush, that’s really hard to say.

And might this be the move Dick & Don were waiting for? As if they planned all this incompetence on purpose, and had no idea Bush could last this long? And that 9/11 was their masterstroke and expected him to fold that afternoon (which would explain why Dick had Georgie bouncing around on Air Force One). And after the Katrina disaster didn’t do the trick, they finally started moving on this free Khalid movement.

And perhaps this is all part of Dick’s Impeachment 2007 strategy, after which, he’ll rule as a competent, yet maniacal leader for the next ten years; before anointing Dick Clone III as his successor, with Jenna Bush as VP and Barb as First Lady. These guys do think ahead, and that really would make a lot more sense than what we’ve seen from Dick so far. And you know the media would just eat that shit up. They always wanted to be ruled by a cold-blooded bastard, and they’d finally get it.

But back to the original question: Could this really happen? Is there any chance in hell that they’d ever find Khalid innocent and release him? Impossible. So what’s the point? Fricking Saddam Hussein has a better chance of being found innocent, and he’s fricking Saddam Hussein! And what are they planning to do with him once they’re done? Death penalty? Probably not, thanks to that god damned martyr clause. The top guys always get away, ever since that whole Jesus debacle. Yet another case of the little guy getting screwed. Typical.

So it’ll probably just be life in prison. But isn’t that what he’s facing if we don’t have a trial? Of course. We’ll never let him free; trial or not. So what’s the point? I honestly don’t know. I’m all for trials, particularly the good ones. But I’m sure we can’t let this guy go. And I’m sure we won’t. So what’s the point? You know, it’s stuff like this why they invented prison accidents. Is it wrong for me to say that I wouldn’t mind?


whig said...

Kinda like how Slobodon Milosovic somehow managed to overdose on prescription medications while imprisoned in his cell in the Hague?

Doctor Biobrain said...

Yeah, I had forgotten about ol' Sloby, but kinda like that.