Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Umpteenth Time is the Charm

Well the Bushies have stated for the umpteenth time that Congress must give-in completely to Bush’s demands on getting a “clean” spending bill on Iraq, and guess what.  It worked.  I’m convinced, anyway.  All it took was for me to listen to him, and now I agree with him completely.  That man is a genius.  Too bad nobody else ever thought of doing that.

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whig said...

Consider his audience, it is not us.

In a manner of speaking, he lies by brazen assertion. Because you cannot tell who is lying when two people contradict one another in this fashion, and most people don't know enough to know which is telling the truth.

You have to show people what the fruit of this or that tree is. One is a true statement and one is a lie, one leads to peace and one leads to war.

Or plant your own seed and grow your own tree, make your own statement based upon your own knowledge, and if you tell the truth you will see that your fruit is the same as one of the others. Then you know.

Either that or I'm wrong, you know?