Friday, April 13, 2007

Friendly Tax Warning

Just a reminder for you Johnny Come Lately’s that taxtime is coming and if you haven’t filed your taxes, you might want to think about doing so.  If you’re not going to owe money, you don’t need to worry as the IRS really doesn’t care if they ever pay you back.  But if you’re going to owe something, you should file an extension and probably pay what you think you’re going to owe.  That way, you can avoid getting one or both late penalties.  You’ve got until Monday night to take care of whatever you need to take care of, but you might want to take care of it today.

And if you have any tax questions, I really am a tax guy, so you can ask me.  I won’t guarantee that I’ve got your answer, but it’s better than asking your brother-in-law.  Especially for those of you who have no brother-in-law.  This has been your friendly tax warning.

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Martin Kamenski, CPA said...

April 16th and 17th, MMKSC will be sponsoring an extension marathon. For 48 straight hours we will be filing extensions for individuals at no charge. If you would like help with this process, visit our website at for details about how to send your information.