Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Papa's Got a Brand New Suit

As a follow-up to my last post, I have strong doubts that Rove and the Bushies even want McCain in the Whitehouse.  Bush was an easily manipulated sucker who was the perfect puppet to the GOP’s puppetmaster routine.  And while McCain is far from the maverick he pretends to be, he isn’t a puppet.  He’ll want to do his own thing and that won’t always coincide with what the Bushies want.  

So I suspect that he’s just planning to use them to get the Whitehouse and then will bring in his own people.  And that makes sense, as the only thing the Bushies were ever good at was winning elections, and even then, barely succeeded.  And even McCain’s got to realize that Bush is toast and that the follow-up presidency has got to purge all of Bush’s tarnished people.  He might never say that, but it’s true all the same.  He’ll want people loyal to him, and the Bushies were much too cultist to ever really be anyone else’s.

So I’m guessing that they’re purposefully burning through his credibility, just to knock him out of the race.  They can deal with an empty suit like Romney or a big ego like “America’s Mayor” in ways that they can’t with McCain.  McCain is old school and even the Bush Marketing Apparatus can’t change that.  So I think this is a twofer for them: They get McCain to use his credibility to help them and he’ll lose his credibility in the process; thus hurting his presidential campaign while aiding theirs.

Because the GOP works so much better with empty suits delivering their lines than having someone who actually wants to get involved and use their brains.  That’s why Reagan and Bush Jr. were so much more successful than Bush Sr. and may have been one reason they picked Quayle for VP.  Ford was good for them (especially Cheney and Rumsfeld), but he was toast thanks to the Nixon taint.  And while Nixon was clearly his own man, he set himself up a fake suit to use when he needed.  The “New Nixon” is what they called it and it worked.  He was a double-faced fluke who used his public image like a puppet and often had to lie to himself to make it work.  And as we know from his tapes, he often lied and pretended to be dumb to his staff, to keep up the fake image.

And so it’s doubtful they want McCain.  He’s just not for them.  Because for as much as he’ll be a sucker on the campaign trail, he knows the difference between a campaign and political office.  Plus, he’s too old and looks it.  And that just doesn’t play so well.  Reagan pulled it off but McCain doesn’t even have a grandfather thing going for him and would look dumb in a cowboy hat.  So I think they’re pushing for Romney, which is why he’s doing so well in the campaign finance department.  He’s the insider favorite because he’ll do or say anything he needs to.  And that’s perfect for them.  Integrity is a real problem with these people, and McCain’s tiny shreds are just too much.  

So I think Romney’s their guy.  Not saying he’s a shoo-in to win the nomination, but just that he’s the guy they want.  Someone who will say what he’s told to say and not have the brains to boot-out the failed Bushies who are going to want to stick around.  He’ll want them for continuity and experience, and because a purge would send the wrong message; he’ll be told.  

And if Romney does win, you can be assured that he’s going to pretend to be on a new path just as much as he most certainly won’t be.  Same suit with a new fabric.  That’s all they want.  It’s unlikely they’ll actually be able to win the Whitehouse after the Bush Fiasco, but if they do, they don’t want it to be McCain.


Nancy Willing said...

Hey Biobrain!

I hate to read anything about the GOPer primary but it is like forcing medicine down.

Romney has $$ but an insurmountable image problem aka
Big Love.

That they are in a hollywood frame of mind with Freddy Thompson is good for DEMs IMHO

linked from RoT!!!!!!!!

Doctor Biobrain said...

Thompson's still so new to the race that I totally forgot about him. And while I could see him being a good choice for the Republicans (and my personal favorite of the sorry lot), I don't see the Bush Machine liking him at all. He has too much character and might be a loose cannon. And that's something they can't risk. Sure, he's an actor, but he's an actor known for playing his own man. That's why a director would hire him; he comes with his own baggage and isn't an empty suit. And that's not good puppet material.

That's not to say that they won't side with him if they have no other choice, but only that he won't be a favorite of theirs. As with McCain, he'd go along with them during the campaign, but once he got his hands on the reins, he'd be fairly uncontrollable. Brains are most definitely excess luggage as far as the GOP nomination is concerned.

John of the Dead said...

I don't think Romney can overcome his Mormonism to get through the primaries. Remember, the Republican primary voter is a conservative Protestant. To them, Mormons are a crazy cult, barely one step ahead of Scientologists.

Doctor Biobrain said...

I agree that Romney's biggest problem is the Mormon thing and that Christian voters aren't going to like that very much. But as far as the Republican Machine goes, I think he's their guy. And their influence can go a long way towards making people more tolerant of other religions.