Sunday, April 22, 2007

Avoiding the Obvious

No links, because I’m too tired, but I propose that the reason why conservatives sound so batshit crazy regarding the Virginia Tech shootings is because they know that they’re in the wrong and they’re panicking. Whether or not easy access to guns is the cause of this, it was the first thing that occurred to all of them, and that’s why they had to be so extra quick to find anything else to blame. Because that's an area they just didn't want to go.

That’s just the way these people work. They know the answers that first pop into their brains, and if those answers betray their ideology, they’ll immediately jump on anything to hide those answers. And in this case, they’ll say absolutely anything to avoid the gun issue; no matter how stupid it makes them sound. Hell, they’d rather you think they were callous morons than for you to undermine their agenda. After all, that’s what you were thinking about them anyway. And you were probably right.

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whig said...

Make 'em all enlist in basic training. Regulate the militia.