Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bush's Bitch

Damn, it looks like Gonzo’s getting slammed, even by Whitehouse Aides. But the main point is obvious, Gonzales can’t offer a real defense because his real defense is that the Whitehouse made him do it. He was just doing what he was told and really wasn’t involved in any of this, beyond the requirement to sign his name and/or give his rubberstamp. And that’s really not the kind of thing that he can readily admit to.

Because he never was the Attorney General. He was always Bush and Rove’s Yes-Man. He wasn’t there to give permission or make decisions. He was there to do Bush’s bidding. And that’s what he did. He did what he was told, just as he’s doing now. He’ll fight it as much as he can, but he’ll never admit the truth: He’s not his own man. He was just yet another of Bush’s loyal enablers; the people who have propped him up since he pretended to run my fine state. And while I’m sure Bush is loath to lose Gonzales, it’s not because he’s losing one of his puppetmaster’s. He’s just losing a loyal servant. Loyal, but expendable. He served his purpose well. Too bad for him they won’t return the favor.

P.S. Regarding my prediction from earlier today, I’d just like to say that my general point remained correct, even if all of the surrounding facts and outcomes are slightly more of the opposite than what I had initially stated. We’ll just chalk this down as a draw.

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