Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Rudy's Toast

Oops, looks like Rudy’s flushed it.  He just told CNN that he supports government funding for abortions, and on the spectrum of non-acceptable rightwing positions, that one is just off the charts.  While they hold pretty firm on partial-birth abortions, the idea of allowing poor black women to get out of the baby trap and not be punished for their actions is simply untenable.  Even the libertarian-types who despise Social Conservatives are going to yell about that one.

Not that I’d put anything past the ability of Republicans to accept any position from someone they wanted to vote for, but this one goes beyond mere positions.  This is the BIG ONE.  Something to write about in fundraiser letters.  Something to bang over the heads of Dems in any right-leaning district.  Long after the Iraq War is nothing but a bitter memory in Bush’s crazy mind, abortion will still keep paying off for them.  To give away abortion is to give away the whole game.  It’s what separates the men from the libs.

So I’m thinking that unless Rudy pulls-off the Triple Lindy of anti-abortion talk in the next few days, it’s pretty much over.  Even if the minions don’t rebel against him, every Republican leader is going to beat him over the head for even suggesting that a Republican can give away this issue.  This isn’t DLC-compromise talk.  This is the equivalent of a major Democrat insisting that feminism is destroying America and that we all need to move back to the farm if we don’t want to catch teh gay.  You might not offend all of your constituents, but there won’t be too many left to defend you.  And seeing as how he wasn’t a big favorite in conservative circles to begin with, I’m thinking this is the end of Rudy.  Good riddance.

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J. Mumphrey Bibblesnæð said...

Lord, I hope we might be that lucky. If only they'd ALL flush themselves away like that...