Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sucks to be Conservative

Trolling for something decent to post about, I saw this article at Yahoo titled Army Guard units said not combat ready, and decided to take a gander at the messageboard to see what conservatives might be saying to defend themselves.  It’s not pretty.  

First off, I didn’t really see too many conservatives at all.  And while that shouldn’t be surprising, it is.  Sure, this is a crappy story for them, but those are usually the ones they like the best.  They just put forth a dazzling display of braindead inaccuracies along with an onslaught of Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton insults, and the real story gets left behind.

But not this time.  No.  They don’t have much to say and are too ashamed to bother saying it.  Sure, there was the standard Clinton blamer, but even they were few and far between.

Military Expertise

Even their treason material was falling flat.  Here we have rcbims who asks in his headline: Advertising readiness levels?  Why?

I quote:
I was active duty over twenty years ago, during the Reagan administration. It was virtually unheard of for Pentagon officials to "advertise" readiness levels to the entire nation.

Is this what happened, or do we have crazy reporters out to bring down their own country?

SINCE these levels have been disclosed publicly, I tend NOT to believe them. Officials know better. In fact, this "report" makes me think we are quite ready.

If I were a foreign nation, I wouldn't test the U.S. at this time....;)

That’s right.  Because he was with the military twenty years ago and doesn’t remember them advertising readiness levels, then the reporter must be a crazy traitor.  No two ways about it.  That’s deductive reasoning, my friend.  That’s how the pros do it.  

Not only that, but it looks like someone’s been studying their Sun Tzu.  Because the military would never reveal our strengths, this must be reverse psychology on the part of the Pentagon; so therefore this must be the absolute worst time for our enemies to want to test us.  Of course.  Forget about the fact that, due to commitments elsewhere (Iraq!), this is surely the best time for anyone to attack us; and everyone knows it.  But that can’t possibly be the case, because the Pentagon would never admit to that.  

So instead, we are to imagine that the Pentagon is encouraging our enemies to attack us, by saying that we’re ill-prepared for it.  That makes so much more sense.  You know, because all those other countries are right on the verge of attacking us, and all they need is one positive news story to put their plans into action.   And so the Pentagon must be using that strategy to get them to attack us, so that we can wipe them all out.  Of course!

Explanatory Overkill

Oh, don’t get me wrong.  That crazy reporter covered her tracks well.  They always do.  
Not only does the article explain all this, saying:
Once a taboo subject for the military, often buried deep in classified documents, readiness levels — generally ranked from C-1 (the best) to C-4 (the worst) are now being used as weapons themselves to force money out of Congress and the administration.

And while Army officials still won't specify how many units are at which levels, they are being more open about the overall declining state of readiness.

But she also acts as if this was an issue somehow exploited by Bush in the 2000 campaign, writing:
The issue gained political momentum when then-candidate George Bush, during his nominating convention, said the Clinton administration let the U.S. military might erode.

But this is obviously a ploy to throw us off her track.  In fact, because my dad was active duty in Vietnam, I know that it’s virtually unheard of that a reporter could possibly have two pieces of evidence to cover their tracks.  And as the final topper, we have that “then-candidate George Bush” dig in there, to confuse us.  George Bush is President George Bush, not a candidate.  The reporter has to know that, but is just yanking our chain to further her charade.

This is obviously journalistic overkill by a Islamofascist reporter who is trying to convince foreign nations to attack us, so that they can swoop in at the last minute and claim victory.  A cunning plan to be sure, but fortunately, we have retired military personnel like rcbims using their experience to uncover these wicked plots.  Yea rcbims!  You’ve saved the day!

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