Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pen Hunting

Some people have weird priorities:
According to an indictment unsealed this week, in October 2004 Gentry paid $4,650 to shoot the "trophy-caliber" bear named "Cubby" at the Minnesota Wildlife Connection in northern Minnesota, which advertises itself as a place where animals can be photographed in the wild.

After using a bow and arrow to kill the animal inside its pen, Gentry and the owner of the preserve tagged the bear and registered it with the state as if it had been killed in the wild. A videotape was edited to make it appear that Gentry had hunted down the bear.

In his defense, I’ve never heard of country singer Troy Lee Gentry or his duo group, Montgomery Gentry; so I guess I can thank him for that.

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nutrilite said...

Is this what they call "fair chase"?