Monday, August 21, 2006

High Crimes and Stupidity

Is Not Giving A Shit an impeachable offense?  Like if Bush just admitted that he had delegated his entire job to Dick Cheney and Karl Rove and was playing videogames all day long.  Is that something we could impeach for?  And is there a specific level of delegation you have to reach before you hit this point, or do you just play it by ear?  Because honestly, how much of the illegal crap that Bush has authorized was he really capable of understanding, and how much of it was he just agreeing with what the people manipulating him were telling him?  

That’s not necessarily to say that he’s a dumb man, though he is fairly dumb by presidential standards.  It’s just to say that he’s no expert, doesn’t like experts, and only listens to people who tell him what he wants to hear.  And if his people don’t tell him what he needs to know, is he at fault for not knowing?  And if he authorizes something illegal due to that ignorance, is that impeachable?

Because if he ever is to be impeached, it just seems like his defense is that he was just going with the info his advisors told him and he didn’t know any better.  Like with the presidential power grab business or all this torture nonsense.  I’m sure he doesn’t object to that, but I doubt he’d do it if his legal people didn’t tell him that he could.  So if he’s being unconstitutional, it’s their fault, not his.  He was just following their advice.  And so it is with everything.  

I’m sure he’s more than a rubber-stamp, but how much more?  And if he has effectively delegated away his entire job to people who behave illegal, can we nail Bush for that?  Or is that the real beauty of the Republican system?  As if they’ve turned Plausible Deniability into Bush’s primary job duty.  And for all their talk about expanding presidential powers, it sure looks like they’re just trying to expand the powers of the unelected Whitehouse staff.  As if they’re trying their best to get power out of the hands of the people.  But I guess that’s about right, isn’t it.

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whig said...

Dr B, I think I can understand how George Bush thinks. He's completely brainwashed to begin with. So yeah, he's an idiot, but mostly because he's never had anyone ever tell him the truth within his family and associates. Nobody would try because most of them are brainwashed, and those who aren't are made unwelcome.

When you tell the truth to a profoundly destructive idiot, it must be heard as an accusation, and therefore defended against. When an idiot hears his charges read he is not going to immediately admit to them. And his denials will be further idiocies.