Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The McFly Doctrine

I hate to do this to you people, but I just read Rumsfeld’s speech regarding quitters and I’m convinced. We’ve got to stay in Iraq. After all, if we quit Iraq, then we’ll be quitters. And I’d rather continue to stoke anti-American hatred worldwide and risk sabotaging the War on Terror than to become a quitter. They can bomb our allies. They can kill our soldiers. They can even force us to drain our precious resources to wage an ever-esclating war that they have been desiring for years, which will eventually leave our once great nation brittle and spent. But they will NOT call us chicken.

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Dan said...

I have begun to wonder if this administration's insistence on keeping 130K soldiers in Iraq is so they will be handy when it comes time to invade Iran.

The troops in Afghanistan would be handy for that too.

Idle speculation but there it is.