Thursday, August 31, 2006

Rule of Partisans

Partisanship allows politicians to violate election laws??  Have all Republican politicians lost their mind?  

Per the AP:
Acting on a complaint filed by the nonpartisan Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, the election board said Green, who decided to give up his U.S. House seat after eight years to run for governor, cannot spend money received from political action committees, or PACs, not registered in Wisconsin. The board also argued he was $156,140 over the state limit of $485,000 in PAC donations.

But Green's campaign manager said the money was already spent and would not have to be returned.

The board's 5-2 vote resulted in cries of unfairness from Republicans, who noted that all four Democratic appointees on the board voted for it.

"This was an orchestrated campaign move by the Democrats to try to give advantage to Jim Doyle and it truly, truly was a very embarrassing move," said Mark Graul, Green's campaign manager.

Now, I’m not an expert on Wisconsin election laws, which puts me in a great position for commenting on it, and I’ve got to say that these guys are pretty damn ballsy.  I mean, laws are laws, yet these guys are using partisanship as an argument against them.  And again, I don’t know the particulars, but it would seem that one Republican supported the decision and two dissented.  That doesn’t sound particularly strong.  And if the law is the law, then what the hell were those two Republicans thinking?  It’s as if you only have to follow the law if your own party forces you to.

Oh, and I really like the “we already spent it” defense.  I wonder if they think that works for other crimes too.  As if a quickie spending spree after each crime allows criminals to keep their goods.

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