Thursday, April 01, 2010

Final Post

Guess what folks, my time as “Doctor Biobrain” has come to an end. This is my final post. While I have enjoyed being Biobrain for the past five years, the truth is that I was little more than a paid staffer of the Obama campaign. And now that Obama has gotten healthcare reform and a few other liberal red meat items passed and is preparing for his long hard slog back to the center, my mission is complete. I’ve been tapering off the writing lately and now it’s over. Biobrain has ended.

As of today, I’m closing more than a hundred liberal blogs I’ve been writing for over the years, while I begin to ramp-up the various rightwing blogs I’ve kept on the backburner. By this time next year, I hope to be a myriad of influential fourth-tier tea party bloggers who decide to give Obama a second chance, based upon his support of certain key rightwing issues; beginning with yesterday's announcement of expanded offshore oil drilling, as well as his support for school vouchers, a balanced budget amendment, and a partial privatization of Social Security similar to the one proposed by Bush in 2005. Our analysis suggests that we’ll gain three conservatives for every liberal we lose from this, which is certainly a price we’re willing to pay.

Sorry if this upsets you. I had thought about not mentioning it at all and just letting this place die, but I figured I at least owed you the truth. And hey, it’s been fun and I really did enjoy reading your comments. And who knows, maybe you’ll stumble upon one of my rightwing blogs, notice a few similarities in writing style, and become a regular there. Trust me, the material’s about the same. It’s just the slant that’s different. And honestly, you couldn’t have thought that anyone could REALLY be as enthusiastic about Obama as I seemed to be, did you? I mean, come on. I was practically writing press releases for the guy. If you can find one word of criticism of Obama anywhere on this blog, you win a free Biobrain t-shirt.

Anyway, I hope you liked what you read and that this doesn’t disillusion you too much of Obama. No, he’s not really the Superman we’ve been making him out to be. Nor is he liberal in any real sense of the word.  But he’s the Democrat and your boat is tied to his, so you’ve really got no other choice than to support him or sink with him. And that’s pretty much how I rationalized the work I was doing. Sure, it was on the wrong side of moral, but at least the intent was good. You’ve got to give me that.

Biobrain is dead. Long live Biobrain.


ex DLB said...

Sorry to hear about the demise of Biobrain. I'll look for your crystalline logic among the lunatic babbling of the right. It will certainly stand out. Good luck to you. Enjoyed you always.

Perry Dorrell, aka PDiddie said...

Say it ain't so, Bio!

ex DLB said...

You got me, Doc. I forgot it was April Fool's. Good one.