Thursday, April 08, 2010

The All-Mighty Carter

Wow. They say that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and it looks like conservatives really want to put that to the test. 

Apparently, a Qatari diplomat smoked a cigarette in an airplane bathroom, made a stupid joke about trying to light his shoes when someone asked him about the smell of smoke, and got arrested by air marshals for it. 

This is enough for conservatives to "know" that this guy is a terrorist who either tried to blow up the plane or was doing a test run for blowing up a plane (because we all know that would-be terrorists always clue people in about their intentions by making jokes about bombs), and Obama and the media will cover all this up because Obama's a Muslim traitor. 

Seriously.  There are lots of people on that one article who insist that this is the most likely scenario, even though we really DID thwart a terrorist attack a few months ago and Obama was happy to talk about it.

A Superhistorian Named Tony

But those aren't the "little knowledge" people I'm referring to.  No, I was writing about a guy named Tony, who wrote a comment on that story "Yup....Obama won't let it be known another of his Muslim brothers got caught despite his increasing efforts to make it easier for them...."

And I assumed that to be a joke, until I saw his reply to someone questioning his comment:
I sound insane? Obama is agreeing to not use nuclear weapons EVEN if our troops are attacked with bio or chemical weapons? And this is just the first step....He's Jimmy Carter the 2nd....Do a little research and you'll find out it was Carter that is really responsible for enabling the rise of terrorism in the middle east....He's the one who put Saddam Hussein in power! He's the one that allowed Ayatollah's to gain power in Iran.....Were it not for Carter, basically there'd be no Al Queida! He's the same president that went around the world apologizing for the US! sound familiar??
Yes, without Carter, there'd be no Al Qaeda.  No, that doesn't sound insane at all.  And his explanation gets even better. 

According to Tony's reality, Carter installed Saddam in Iraq, deposed the Shah of Iran, started the Iraq-Iran War (during the midst of his re-election campaign, no less), and somehow started Al Qaeda in an entirely different country over seven years after leaving office, and was even able to convince the Shiite Iranians to turn their country into a "training mecca" for Sunni Al Qaeda.  And people say Carter was ineffective.

And damn, this sort of thing would leave even Glenn Beck shaking his head in disbelief.  It's like someone gave him a few names, dates, and events and told him to develop a Grand Unification Theory that tied it all back to Jimmy Carter.  Honestly, it's this sort of thing that really makes me think our schools should stop covering the colonization of America so much in order to allow them to get to more recent history before the end of the year.  But then again, perhaps Tony was home schooled.


mahakal said...

Little known fact, Al Qaeda was originally called Al Carter, during Jimmy Carter's administration. They were invented by Al Gore, I believe.

ex DLB said...

I understand that Iran and Iraq did not even exist before Jimmy Carter. He created them because he hates the Israelis.