Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Black Conservatives Don't Care About Black People

The AP Headline: Black Conservative Tea Party Backers Take Heat

The Story: Black Republicans are attacked for being Republican, while some are closet conservatives who aren't allowed to speak openly about their beliefs.

The Evidence: Absolutely nothing.

Apparently, the AP couldn't find one person to say, either on the record or off, that black people shouldn't be Tea Partiers.  But instead, a platform is given to a bunch of poor rich victims who whine about how they're attacked for being conservative by anonymous people we never learn anything about.

And sure, yeah, there are people who attack black Republicans for being Republican, just as there are racist Republicans who attack Obama for being black.  And if the article's point stands that Tea Partiers shouldn't be labeled as racists merely because some are, then it should be assumed that Black Republicans aren't taking a significant amount of heat, even if there are some people who attack them for it.

But no.  Tea Partiers aren't inherently racist, but black Republicans are "taking heat" from anonymous people who can't be found.  And how much "heat" are they taking?  I haven't the foggiest.  The article mentions absolutely no harm these successful people have taken for being Republicans, beyond unnamed people asking them questions like "How can you not support the brother?"  Ouch!

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mahakal said...

To be a Republican is to be selfish and unconcerned for your community.