Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Governor Perry and the Coyote

Governor Perry shot a coyote back in February, and nobody saw him do it, and a report was never filed, and the coyote was left there, and he didn't bother mentioning it to the media until now.  Now that this coyote "is mulch," thanks to Perry and his trusty pistol.

And I'm sorry, but I call bull on this story.  He jogs with his pistol?  A coyote was going to attack his dog?  He takes it down with his hollow-tipped bullets and laser-sighted gun?  With just one shot?  That all sounds like bullshit to me.  Governor Perry's nothing but a hollow-tipped suit who made George W look savvy. 

The fact that nobody talks about him as being the Republican presidential nominee either means he's the secret guy they already picked for the job, or the Republican Establishment knows what a real dunce he is.  Or possibly both.


ex DLB said...

Real men jog with a street sweeper. Who can aim with a jacked up heart rate?

Betsy said...

Coyotes run from dogs and people. He JOGS with his gun (HAH) He doesn't have a group of security people with him when he jogs?
The poor imaginary coyote will buy him 40 or 50,000 more deluded votes I guess.
We will be stuck with Goodhair till the longhorns horns drop off I guess. What a bummer!

John Fulton said...

That last paragraph is too true to deny.