Friday, April 16, 2010

Those Who Live In Glass Jaws...

Republicans are much too funny.  Because their beliefs only make sense if they cherrypick reality and ignore anything that doesn't fit; which is a large majority of everything real.  And so, via Memorandum, I see that Republicans are outraged that Obama savagely smeared them.

Witness this "hyperpartisan" abuse from Obama, after nothing that he had cut taxes for 95% of working Americans:
So I've been a little amused over the last couple of days where people have been having these rallies about taxes. You would think they would be saying, 'Thank you.'
Ouch!  That's a sting that will be burning for days.  He's amused by people who demand lower taxes from someone who already lowered their taxes, and jokes about how they should say "thank you."  Naturally, Republicans were stunned by this hateful slam.

this may well be the single most obnoxious soundbite he’s uttered since his immortal bitter/clinger bon mot during the campaign.
Townhall's Carol Platt Liebau, who equated Obama's comment to calling Tea Partiers "Ungrateful Slugs":
The statement, outrageous in any case, is a sign of a troubling tendency on behalf of the President.
Could the President have confused himself with a benevolent despot, someone who does whatever he wants and then waits for the plaudits from a sycophantic public?
At any rate, such low-grade trash-talking is unworthy of his office. In case he doesn't remember, he's supposed to be President of all the people -- not just of those who agree with him.
Indeed, by expressing amusement, Obama's either a delusional despot or a trash-talker baiting his opponents.  Low-grade trash-talk, indeed.

The aptly named Scared Monkeys:
President Barack Hussein Obama has nothing on Marie Antoinette as The One says to the Tea Party and Americans for that fact, “LET THEM EAT TAXES”.
What President of the United States mocks and makes fun of the people he serves? Do you ever remember a President being so flipped and condescending?
And what did all these outraged Republicans say about the fact that Obama lowered taxes for a huge majority of Americans?  Almost nothing.  AllahPundit came closest, with his main complaint being that Obama was essentially a liar because he'd have to raise taxes later, while pretending that this is what most Tea Partiers are complaining about.  But the rest of these bozos didn't even seem to understand what Obama's remark even meant.

Sure, Obama lowered taxes for these people while they continue to imagine that their taxes went up, but it's offensive for Obama to even mention the irony of this.  Scared Monkeys went as far as to insist that this shows how Obama can't take criticism.  Sure, they bristle at even the most benign of comments on them, but Obama's the sensitive one.  Right.  They call him a socialist Muslim anti-American intent on destroying the country, while he notes his amusement, and this makes him the jerk.

But as usual, they protest too much.  The only reason they found it so offensive was because it was true, and the reason they're so outraged is because they were already outraged and this was the closest justification they could find for explaining that outrage.  And so Obama is attacked for being a despot by people who are angered that he's not taking them seriously.  To bozos like these, that's the deepest cut of all.

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