Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Conservatives Boycott Own Self Interests

The Headline: GM Ready to Repay Govt Loan, Sees Chance of Profit

And if that wasn't clear enough, the lede says it all:
General Motors Co., steadily returning to health after its near-collapse in 2009, said Wednesday it plans to pay off its government loans by June — five years ahead of schedule — and could report a profit as early as this year.
Now, any reasonable person would see that and say "yea!"  This is clearly good news.  First, we're told that the bank bailouts are predicted to turn a profit, and now this.  Anyone who loves America would surely see the positive nature of this news and celebrate.

And then there are Republicans, who were assured that this was all part of Obama's evil plot to take over America, and insisted that we boycott GM because "every dollar spent with GM is a dollar spent against free enterprise." 

In other words, they wanted a giant American company with tons of suppliers and employees to suffer, as well as a huge loss of taxpayer money, simply to punish Obama.  Brilliant strategy, guys.

General Tso's Motors

At the 9.12 Project last May, they asked the poignant question: Is General Motors About To Become General Tso’s Motors? 

Well, it looks like we now have our answer.  Yes, it is.  And just as General Tso's Chicken is quite popular and delicious, it looks like General Tso's Motors should be showing a profit and the taxpayers will get their money back.  And naturally, all the Tea Partiers were quick to admit the err of their ways and swore to never again let their fevered imaginations get the better of them.   Or...not.

Here's a miniscule sampling of Teh Crazy from people responding to an article showing that they were wrong:
Thanks to Naked Marxist Obama's policies...we have the most phoney/idiotic President since Jimmy Carter and he's 10 times worse than President Bush II. Marxist President Obama will be a lame duck after 2010 people!!!

The GM that made America no longer exists thanks to the UAW. Obama bailed out GM with our tax money so he could give it to the UAW as payback. These socialist liars realize they will never have another chance to kill this country so you had better worry! November can't some soon enough.

The gov't should not be in the car business. Since when has the gov't ever ran anything that would show a profit. Should have let GM fail instead of a bailout.

Dear GOD please let GM fail and shut down for ever so there will be one less Obama government take over company in this country. BOYCOTT ALL GM PRODUCTS.

The bail-out with taxpayer money was money well spent, eh?  Nothing is "too big to fail."   It is failure and adversity that develops the character and strength necessary to survive. You learn and move forward.

Barack-ski inherited the auto industry problem. But like all the other problems, the solution he chose were all his. What a waste of tax $ to become owners of GM. Helped his precious unions though. He forced GM creditors to take a bad deal, ended up owning the company with the unions and now is forcing GM to build clown cars that nobody wants. Jimmy Carter Part 2.
Anti-Obama Compass

Now, you'd think from these comments and the hundreds more just like them that GM had gone under and we had lost all our money.  But no, this was a positive news story, yet none of these people seem aware of it, while many continue to demand that we boycott GM in a desperate bid to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  One commenter apparently believes that Wall Street will reward Ford for not accepting the bailout, as if investors care more about supporting moral victories than making money.

But of course, that is how these people think.  Their boycott went against their own interests, but because they wanted Obama to suffer, they supported it.  And quite a few of these people insist that we boycott all American cars, and in a mindboggling display of idiocy, offer strong support for Toyota of all things.  Toyota?!  At a guess, I'd say they're outraged that the government punished Toyota with a heavy fine and feel the need to subsidize the company any way they can.

But that's just how it is with these people.  They don't understand the markets.  The concept of "Too big to fail" eludes them entirely.  Even the idea of saving American jobs is foreign to them.  No, all they understand is opposing Obama.  They've got an anti-Obama compass that points away from wherever Obama is, and that means they want America to fail while supporting a Japanese carmaker who kills Americans. 

Moral Relativity doesn't begin to describe these lunatics.

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Doctor Biobrain said...

As a side note, at that 9.12Project link, you'll not only find some hilarious lunacy, but this guy who most definitely won that messageboard:

Back in the late 70's my grandpa, before he passed, gave me an old notepad that was given to him by his grandpa back in the 20's. His grandpa worked for Ford, the original. Well, in this notepad was the instructions on how to build a 400mpg, YES 400, carburetor. Him and I took his 72 chevy caprice and made the mod. And yes, it did work. If I remember correctly, we got over 6700 miles, yes 6700, on (1) tank of gas. We took it for a road trip around the US in summer of 78, Southern CA, to Washington, across to NY, down to Georgia, and back to Southern CA . The power of the small block 400 was not compromised either. I remember being able to power brake with ease on dry surface with semi new tires. The only problem with this system was that it was too big. However, the engine compartment on this 'boat' had more than enough space, I love and miss the good old American cars…..

Anyway, this gas mileage thing is an easy achievement. It is just the gov that will not allow us to have it.

Oh yeah, because I was just 11 when we did this and he gave me the notebook, I did not realize the importance of it. Needless to say, the notebook is gone as well. The care was stolen a few weeks after completion. I wonder who stole it though…

Yes, Henry Ford once invented a carburetor that would make your car get 400 miles per gallon which you could build yourself and could be fitted into any large vehicle, even on cars made fifty years later, yet was only listed in a notepad that got into the hands of this guy's great-great-grandfather, and now the government's preventing us from using it.

I guess Ford never saw the use of such a thing. Nor did this guy's grandfather ever think to patent the thing himself. Missed opportunities...