Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why Obama Drives Them Bonkers

I feel bad for Republicans.  Obama just doesn't give them much to work with.  With Clinton, they had a pot-smoking, draft-dodging, lying baby boomer with an insatiable appetite for putang; back when people actually cared about such things.  And Clinton loved to make everything about himself, and took delight in making people eat whatever dung they handed to him.  If Republicans wanted to talk about welfare reform or taxcuts, by god, Clinton would make that reform and those cuts his.  And conservatives cried all the way to the bank.

But Obama's just not like that.  Sure, he's got a sense of humor, but he's really all about getting the job done.  And that means crafting policies that give his opponents absolutely nothing to work with, and if you make the mistake of criticizing his policies, you'll end up burying yourself in a stupid position that you should have avoided from the start.  And you'll convince yourself that it's a real goldmine to propose gas tax holidays and oppose stimulus bills that send millions to your constitutents. 

And when the dust settles and you're further behind in the polls than when you started, you'll do something really dumb, like suggest that he beat you because he's black; as if that's always been some trump card.  But no, he's just smarter than you.  He'll sit back and patiently wait for you to play all your cards, and once you've shown him everything you've got, he'll take whatever cards cards he needs right out of your hand and make another straight flush for himself.

And no, that's not in accordance with the rules of Poker, but Obama's not playing Poker.  He's running a country, and while you're fuming about how he's not playing the game properly, he's already on to his next victory.

Conservatives Criticize Nothing

So we get headlines like Michelle Obama Makes First Solo Trip Abroad as First Lady, Draws Criticism from the Right.  And I had to click on the article, to see if they finally found the nut they were looking for.  But no luck, it was an exagerrated headline by a political writer as frustrated at the Obamas ability to keep clean as Republicans are.

Apparently, the strongest "criticism" they could find was a Michelle Malkin post which criticized Michelle Obama for wanting "shamnesty" for illegal aliens, helping Americans fight obesity, and not helping Arizona ranchers deal with violence on the border.  Why should border violence be on the First Lady's agenda?  I have no idea, and I doubt Malkin does either.  Obama is driving them nuts and this is the best they can do.

And worst of all, they really seem to think they've got something.  Post a picture of the First Lady successfully using a hoola-hoop, use senseless "quotes" around a phrase she used, and insult Mexicans a few times.  That's got to be a recipe for success, right?  And yet...nothing seems to gain traction with the people.  How can that be?  I mean, it worked so successfully with the Clintons that he's widely regarded as being a great president ten years out of office.  So it's got to work with a president who actually knows how to get shit done, right?  Right? 

And, sad.  It's all so sad.  Attacking liberals is all they've got and now they've got one who won't even pretend to play along. 


Betsy said...

Once again, thank you have no idea how peaceful you can make my day with your sensible thoughts. I came home from a visit to the grandkids and found 5 posts. It's a good thing the April Fool's one was the last in line or I might have cried and diluted my diet coke!

Doctor Biobrain said...

I honestly wasn't trying to dupe anyone with the April Fools post. It was supposed to start off that way, but the joke should have been apparent by the end.

I'm not sure what troubles me more: That my readers don't actually read this stuff, or that they think I really might be an Obama staff member and they're ok with this.

mahakal said...

Of course Bill Clinton lied and said he never inhaled, or else he was telling the truth and he was an idiot. Anyhow he ramped up the prosecution of cannabis consumers. Whereas, Barack Obama was asked if he inhaled, and said of course, that was the point. Even a little honesty like that is refreshing.

Doctor Biobrain said...

The "didn't inhale" lie was typical Clinton boneheadedness, where he thought he was being far more clever than he was. He didn't want to admit to having smoked, but people saw him doing it, so he somehow imagined this was some great way out, by admitting that people saw him smoke but pretending that it didn't count because the smoke didn't go in his lungs.

And it was completely unnecessary, as his supporters wouldn't have held it against him, while his enemies would have attacked him regardless. But instead, he came up with a dumb lie and caught more hell than if he had just been honest. While Clinton was a far better president than any Republican would have been, that's not saying much.

And hell, I'd have far LESS respect for Clinton if he didn't smoke pot back in the day. From what I understand, Gore was a heavy smoker in his college days. And of course, Bush smoked pot AND did coke. Same with Obama. Times change.