Thursday, March 25, 2010

Anything Can Happen

The scariest part of the Bush presidency is that he really WAS in charge. He really DID call the shots. Sure, they fed him fake information and only told him what they wanted him to hear, but all the same, he really WAS the Decider. We know this is true. Watch "W" and you'll see exactly how they worked.  They had to convince Bush to do things.  He really was running the show.

America wasn't run by some shadowy cabal. Our lives were in the hands of that stupid stupid man. That's far scarier than any New World Order. People believe in gods and conspiracies because they're more comforting than the truth: Anything can happen, anyone can die, and no one's really in charge. Scary as it is, that's the truth. Crazy Muslims can crash your plane, a lone man can kill the president, and a man like Bush can become president. That's reality and there's nothing you can do about it.

Anti-government conspiracies are meant to bring order from chaos and make sense of the random events occurring around us. But there is no conspiracy. No one's really in control. This shit is real. And the best advice is to just get stoned and not worry too much about it, as there's really nothing you can do to fix it. Just roll with the punches and try not to get taken by surprise. That's the most you can hope for. Anything else is futile.
Oh yeah, and thank the stars we finally got a real president who understands what the hell's going on.


Betsy said...

That's all I ever asked of him. After Bush and looking at McCain, I just hoped for a thoughtful, intelligent, hard working man (or woman) in that office. It's all you can possibly expect. He has fulfilled my expectations and I am profoundly grateful. Anyone who expected some kind of white knight plays too many role playing games.

By the way, you were right about so much--now after the passage of the bill you refuse to gloat. Superhuman or busy?

Doctor Biobrain said...

Ha! I've written MULTIPLE posts gloating about how I was right about everything. But I've been too lazy to finish them, so they sit unpublished.

mahakal said...

Getting stoned is good advice, some of the best you've written.