Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break for Biobrain

Speaking to relatives, I discovered that the top reasons why Obama's healthcare reform is bad is because:

1) It forces poor people to get insurance they can't afford.
2) Poor people shouldn't get their insurance paid for.
3) People need to take responsibility and get insurance.
4) Socialized Medicine.

And somehow, they fail to see how the first three of these are mutually contradictory, while the fourth expresses a complete lack of knowledge on the issue at hand.  And you end up going round and round, with each of their questions answering the last, and then getting back to square one, and they still refuse to understand what you're talking about; and will insist that everyone should pay for insurance that they can't afford while retaining the choice of not having insurance at all.  And the only thing worse than allowing insurers to continue to screw us is allowing the government to protect us from the insurers.  Or...something like that.

And the best, the best are the ones who still insist that nobody understands the bill, even though I continue to explain it to them in detail.  And after I'm done, I'm told yet again that nobody understands the bill.  And it's still too soon.  The same people who said we were rushing things in August are still saying we're rushing things now.  And I point out that they said the same thing half a year ago, and ask them how much longer this needs to take; and am told that it's just going too fast.  They even remember that some of these provisions don't even start until 2014, yet still we're told it's too soon.

And it's obvious that they're completely out of material.  Fox News did them such a disservice by keeping them in the dark that they haven't the slightest clue as to where a valid criticism might possibly begin.  I'm trying to explain Insurance Exchanges to them, while they keep rattling off about Death Panels.  Death Panels?!  No, they didn't use the word, but they insisted that this was in the bill and all our care will be rationed, and illegal aliens don't have to pay taxes, and it's all happening too soon.

But it looks like the thing's going to pass, so I felt it was at least my duty to try to explain to them what it is that we're about to get.  And in a few years, they'll still be opposing a healthcare plan that never existed, while participating in a healthcare system that works better than anticipated.  And yes, this is what I do on Spring Break.


Betsy (faithful reader) said...

weeeell, its marginally better than getting drunk on the Mexican border right now I guess.....

a new fan said...

I just found your blog, and if I wasn't already married to a cool guy, I'd have to inquire as to your availability. Seems we have the same family. I'm about to go visit my parents and am dreading it. I love them, but all they want to talk to me about is the latest political faux-news they saw on Fox. My mom even said to me one time, "you'd be even prettier if the people who do the makeup on Fox News got their hands on you!" This happened last year and I'm still not over it.