Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Obama the Miracle Job Maker

While looking for something else, I happened to stumble upon the American Thinker Blog, which imagines it makes a point when it posts an AFL/CIO quote saying that Obama would be good for jobs, and then posts this from the NY Times:

And as anyone can see, the problem started well before Obama took office and continued at the same pace as before.  And then towards the end of the graph, things appear to be leveling off.  And for the record, this graph ends in July.  That's right.  July.  This dude's basing his attack on Obama's first six months in office, even though the recession clearly had been raging for much longer than that and he still hasn't even gotten all his people approved by Congress yet.

And of cousre, none of this is news.  This guy just saw a picture that he thought was damning to Obama and posted it without comment.  Because of course, if he had commented on it, he'd have had to admit that his attack was unfair as he's blaming Obama for not being able to stop Bush's recession immediately.  So instead, he gets to pretend that this is so damning that no comment was necessary.

Easy Snark of the Day: If this is what the American thinkers are thinking, I'd hate to see what the morons come up with.

And as a final note, what is with the "..." between the sentences on the first two graphs?  Yes, if there are more unemployed people for fewer job openings, that means the number of unemployed people per job opening increases.  It's implied as if these are two separate events which combine to make an even worse event, yet they mean the same thing.  I'm telling you, I read that damn thing about twenty times to make sure I wasn't wrong about that, but I'm not.  The NY Times just made their readers a little bit dumber.


Scott P said...

This kind of thing really gets me. Does anybody remember that 9 or 10 months ago we looked to be on the brink of Great Depression II -- Electric Bushiloo? Now, 3/4 of a year later, most economic numbers are looking much better. The right is basically blaming Obama for not being able to singlehandedly turn a major recession into a boom year in 6 easy months. And the one major number that is still bad, unemployment, lucky for them usually does lag behind a recovery. So it's either hammer on unemployment or admit that the stimulus, even weakened to get all the GOP votes that never came, has worked brilliantly. You don't get any points for knowing ahead of time which way they'd go.

Doctor Biobrain said...

And let's not forget, they did their damnedest to blame Bush's bad early numbers on Clinton, insisting that the recession that started in March 2001 actually began in December 2000, in order to put it on Clinton's watch. And in their minds, that made it Clinton's fault. Of course, back then, EVERYTHING was Clinton's fault.

And that's the same as how the economic boom under Clinton was pushed forward so that Bush Sr. got the credit. The games never cease. And what's sad is that they generally never work, except in the eyes of conservatives who have to hold firmly with the myth that Republicans are good for business while Dems will destroy America.