Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Coolest President Ever

Kanye West is a jackass and to hear Obama say it, priceless. Honestly, for as much as I like Obama when he's giving speeches and answering questions, I like him all the more when he's got his guard down and is just chatting. Because he's not just some scripted machine who's brilliant when he stays on-message; he's a real dude who really thinks about what he's saying.

And that's the thing: Whenever I seem him described as some fascist monster by conservatives, I honestly have no clue what person they think they're describing, as he always comes across like a genuinely nice guy with good intentions. And they still crack jokes about how he stutters and fumbles every time he doesn't have a telepromter, all evidence to the contrary. And what the hell are they talking about? Compared to Bush, Obama's fricking Cicero from the moment he wakes up in the morning. Bush can't even order coffee without committing major grammatical errors and sounded like a moron even with the teleprompters.

And even the far-left progressives have him wrong. They think he's some schemer who needs to be boxed into a liberal position, but I see none of that. The few times I've seen him in off-mode, he comes across like a real person who's trying to make the best of a bad situation, and I genuinely believe that's the case. And why wouldn't he be? The schemers have it wrong. Obama isn't in need of campaign cash and he's bright enough to know that all he's got is his legacy. He's going to give us the best policies he can, not because he's pressured to, but because he takes pride in what he does and wants to be remembered as a great man. And the only way to do that is to give us the best policies he can.

And that's the right way to be. There aren't a lot of people in this world that I think of as being honest, open, real people, and Obama is most definitely one of them. And seeing as how I've always thought Kanye West was a punkass bitch phony, I definitely got a big kick out of hearing Obama express a similar sentiment.

Presidential Profanity

Oh, and as far as it not being "presidential" for him to use the word "jackass," come fucking on, that's not even a dirty word. There was a fricking TV show and two movies with that word as the title, for christ's sake. And we KNOW that Nixon, LBJ and many other presidents said much worse things. And that's not to mention Bush's "major league asshole" or Cheney's "Go fuck yourself," which they used because they were personally upset that the target of their insult wasn't an adoring sycophant.

Had he referred to Kanye has a "punkass bitch," there might be some issues there (though I think those words are now TV-friendly), and I certainly don't want to hear Obama calling Kanye a jackass in a presidential address (no matter how satisfying that would be to me). But in a casual conversation? That just shows how fucking awesome our president is.

Frankly, I would have been a tad disappointed had he not used such language. For example, had he simply referred to Kanye as a "jerk," I would have been mildly let down. Jackass was exactly the right call and I'm proud to have a president who knows his insults.


Scott P said...

I absolutely agree about Obama seeming like a "real", regular, likeable guy. And not to rehash all this again, but I still that's what lay at the bottom of the furor over the big school speech (besides plain knee-jerk opposition). Many parents were afraid to have their kids exposed to him without them spinning hate in their ear, for fear that the kiddies would see he really is a nice guy, and not some commie, fascist monster. Can't have that.

Green Eagle said...

I agree with this totally. It continually amazes me that Conservatives are able to fantasize this obviously serious, well-informed, likeable man into a cynical monster.

Oh well, once you're willing to believe the earth is 6,000 years old, I guess you will fall for anything.

Mike Goldman said...

Actually, I'm trying a new tack with the conservatives...let's take this seriously...

The plane of the earth's ecliptic is flat, the four corners are the four seasons. The precession of the equinox proceeds over 24,000 years, each season being 6,000 years. Thus the present earth is 6,000 years old, a new earth being created for every season.

Mike Goldman said...

From this perspective what we are doing is immanentizing the eschaton, the old heaven and earth fall away, and the new heaven and earth are born.